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  1. It us utterly ridiculous that Evernote would force a font size smaller than the standard font size on the phone and all other apps. People have pointed this out for over FOUR YEARS now. I barely use Evernote anymore for this reason. Please just fix it and offer a SETTING, or at the least use a normal font size. Thanks,
  2. The note text in Evernote is so ridiculously tiny, it's, it's... <mom says say nothing at all here>. I use the "Note to Self" feature, and the notes appear in EN with a nice fat "Note to self" title, which is of course useless to me, and then the critical text of the note itself is literally HALF that size. It's by far the teeniest font of ANY app on my Galaxy S4. And asking to Zoom is just a workaround; you shouldn't have to mess with the display every time you look at the phone, you should be able to see it. I'll be completely uninstalling it from all devices soon if it doesn't change.
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