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  1. Hi everyone My laptop was stolen recently so I changed my password, through Evernote's Web version. To my dismay (a very weak word), the change didn't affect my access to Evernote through my smartphone. What use is a password if changing it doesn't change anything? I cancelled the access to the stolen device, and I'm more confident it works, since I'm a basic user. That at least is reliable ://
  2. ... Since the latest update (Windows 8.1). The acute and grave accents are not displayed anymore, only the modern "straight" accent. There doesn't seem to be information loss since my Android device still displays them, and remains the only place where I can read my AG texts correctly.
  3. Hey everyone For some reason, my Evernote-for-Windows automatically syncs when I launch the program. I have checked and unchecked various boxes in the Settings Menu, but it's still the same. As soon as I launch Evernote, it syncs. I want to be able to keep it unsynced until I decide otherwise, and have the time to save an older version before it disappears, for instance. Can someone help me?
  4. Hi, Since the last update, I found that I cannot escape automatic synchronization when on Wifi, which like a demon happens all the time! The controls on sync frequency have been greyed out. I cannot "choose sync frequency" anymore (in French, with a typo btw^^). It's really annoying, because sometimes a badly timed synchronization will erase something from my Android app, that I wish I had kept from the earlier version of the note. How can I force manual sync only? Indeed can I?
  5. My answer to Karen's question: I have a long note FULL of words and I need to find ONE of these words. Believe me or not, but when you use texts, it happens plenty of times! As for the work flow, mine was interrupted 20 minutes ago looking for a solution to this very problem, and still hasn't been resumed because the quote feature of this forum is bugged, or at least hardly usable with Android, as you can see from my former failed attempt at posting this reply.
  6. Four years later, is that request (to which I join my voice) still on your list, dear Xavier? Is font size customization as impossible as indentation ?
  7. You know what? As a recent user of the Android app and a big fan of this feature, such a worry makes me envious, because indention simply does not exist in the Android app, though it does in its Windows and iOS versions (which I have used for long). And if you try to edit notes with indented text on your Android device, there's a big risk you lose all indentations if not all formatting. Too bad for me and my 4000+ notes so formatted. There have been complaints about this problem for years on the Android section of the Forum, but Evernote has barely bothered to reply, the first year—which is why I post here, sorry guys. I didn't know when I began using 'multi platform' Evernote that I would sign up for an iOS only app
  8. Four years have passed and the issue has still not been addressed. It's a shame really, at least for me: I rely heavily on indentation to format my notes, so I cannot edit them on my Android tablet lest I lose the formatting. For users who like to edit their text notes, not just create and stack them, Android Evernote, after all that time, remains essentially useless.
  9. Hi I've been using EVN quite happily for some years now but am new to sharing. The problem is: A friend of mine wanted to share a notebook with me, so I got the email on my Iphone and I clicked. And then I got the new shared notebook in my list on the phone... full with all the 3400 notes I created from the beginning, but with no trace of my friend's own notes! No trace either of the supposedly shared notebook on my computer or even by online access, in spite of repeated sync'ing. Anxious not to have me passing out (half of my notes are my diary), my friend was kind enough – at least he told me so – to delete the fateful notebook. He also told me none of my notes ever appeared on his device (an Ipad I think). Can someone tell me what happened? A harmless bug on my device or...? And how to make it not happen again? Thanks Fil
  10. Sorry, GrumpyMonkey, but I don't think Save and Continue is enough. A Cancel button is needed too. When editing a note, there's always the possibility of a bad move. In order to avoid data loss or such predicament as going through the workflow AndyDent described, I deleted the Evernote App on my Iphone and am now using Notes... which is ironic, since there's no Undo option in Notes either. But at least my coeur de notes is safe... on the EN server (and my computer). Hellofral wrote: "I religiously rely on Evernote as my go-to notebook". I did too. But for the time being, I've lost faith
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