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  1. Sorry for deleting the unpleasant post. Thanks.
  2. I understand that security is important for all kinds of cloud service. But, it would be unacceptable if Apple denied iCloud service to my iPad2.
  3. Yes. I tried it. No usable version is provided.
  4. I noticed that some apps in App Store provide their older versions for running on old devices. So I think that it's Evernote, but not Apple, who refuses to provide the Evernote version that runs on iOS 9.3. Do you think so?
  5. I have the habit of keeping historic versions of Evernote for Android, but not of Evernote for iOS, since I believed that Apple would always keep a usable version for me. The age of Jobs' Apple that can be trusted seems to be over long long ago.
  6. Thanks! Yes. Older versions do work. But I just uninstalled my old verison mistakenly. Now I can't install it again.
  7. Hi @EdH You are correct with your points. But the older devices don't need more support, but the right to run the old version. Is there any workaround to get it usable again on my iPad2? Thank you!
  8. Today I uninstalled Evernote on my iPad2 and tried to install it again. To my surprise, the new version need iOS 10.3, but iPad2 can only update to iOS 9.3. Then it would be impossible to use Evernote on my iPad2? Thanks!
  9. Things I do by editing an ENEX file are like: making some table cells aligned as vertical center, inserting subscript/superscript, and replacing strings with regex. Pasting a block directly from Word or web browser often introduces some troublesome formats.
  10. Yes, the ENEX approach loses the note link. But there is no other choice. I'll try Notepad++. Thanks for sharing!
  11. You never used Evernote on Windows? In Evernote Windows, each account has a single HUGE database file, into which all the attached files are packed.
  12. "On a Mac, each note has a separate folder" ---------- it's unbelievable. Before your post, I noticed that happens in my Android phone. If you have 80000 notes, how can the hard disk work! On Windows, all the notes are packed in a single database file, it seems to be impossible to edit the content of a single note. Thanks!
  13. I only export enex file for editing. How do you get the content enml file for a specific note? Thanks!
  14. I've been using free Komodo Edit to modify .enex file for a long time. Hope to know what you guys use. Thanks for sharing!
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