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Although I see that the topic of folders and subfolders has been discussed and I see that it will never be in EN, I have tried doing it using labels and I see that subfolders can be made. I've tried it a little with a free secondary account with few notes but haven't delved deeper. I see that it works as if they were really folders by just dragging notes. Is there experience in this regard? Can it be done with an account with hundreds of notes?


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On 3/1/2024 at 9:59 PM, Uge2000 said:

Is there experience in this regard? Can it be done with an account with hundreds of notes?

Your picture shows that nested tags are allowed.  I’m not really sure what your question is, but yes this will work with hundreds of notes.  I believe there are users here that have deeply nested tags.  I only go two or three levels deep.

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This has been discussed and pointed out in one of the longest threads in this forum.

You find all answers there.

But in short words: No, unless they change their data model and the client and backend software. The main tool of organizing notes in EN are tags, not notebooks. And tags can be nested many, many layers deep.

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20 minutes ago, Uge2000 said:

As I understand it, Evernote will never include sub-folders, am I correct?

Yes, that is correct.  It is very unlikely that more levels of sub-folders will ever be allowed.

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Entiendo. La cosa es que tengo 2 cuentas de pago con cientos de billetes y hacer el cambio me llevará varios días de trabajo y no quiero cometer errores. Soy arquitecto, tengo numerosas obras en diferentes etapas, cada una con decenas de notas y otras subnotas son necesarias ya que me es imposible organizarlas solo en 3 o 4 niveles. Tuve que recurrir a "trucos" para llegar a algún nivel más de subcarpetas pero esto me lo pone muy difícil.
Resulta que por ejemplo tengo: Proyectos / En progreso / John Doe / Aperturas / Cotización 1 y Cotización 2, 3, 4, ,...
Necesito al menos 5 niveles.
Esta es una limitación muy grande para la organización.



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Some folks find tags just fine for the scenario you mention, but if you really need deeper levels of folders then Evernote may not be the tool for you.

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From how I see it, you could use a Stack called Projects.

In there is one notebook for each current project. The advantage of this is that you can share the notebook with other people, serving as a communication hub. All people receiving a share will have access.

Everything else are tags, set and removed on notes as the project moves ahead. "In progress" is a typical tag, as are "Openings", "Quote X" etc. Even the project could be a tag - but you can't control sharing by tags, sharing can only be controlled by notes or notebooks.

That is basically how I organize my projects as a Freelancer - not very different from your projects on an abstract level, I think.

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From what I see, one more level is impossible. If I use labels it won't help me either. I have a personal account with my affairs and another for the company to which many have access. In my personal account I have shared everything about the company so that I have everything in my EN and those at the company do not see it. I have investigated Nimbus which has folders but I don't want to leave EN...

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@Uge2000, Your application of Evernote appears to me to be rather specialized.  Since your business Evernote account is crucial to your income, and setting up an efficient system will have a big impact on  your productivity, if I were you I would consider getting some professional help.  You might think about hiring a Certified Evernote  Expert to help you set up your system.  An Expert would be able to take the time to really understand your needs, and help you design the best system to achieve your objectives.  A number of experts regularly post here, not to single anyone out in particular, but @agsteele and @JonT are among the most frequent.  They may be able to help you directly or refer you to another expert who might.

As knowledgeable as Pink and other Level 5 posters are here, it's impossible to really understand your situation completely or give really tailored advice through exchanges on a message board, and it sounds like Evernote is a critical part of your business support system.  This strikes me as a case where spending a bit now could save a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Good luck,


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I appreciate your recommendations. EN is really important. There has been almost no paper in my office for years and we all find the data quickly. Unfortunately EN, from what I see, cannot support more levels and this is a serious limitation in some cases. I have my main folders as: PROJECT / MANAGEMENT / CONSTRUCTION. Inside each folder there are: ACTIVE / COMPLETED / QUOTING. Within these is each client, and within each client there are numerous folders, among which is the quote folder, and within the latter numerous budgets, notes, plans, etc. This makes more levels necessary. I've tried another account with tags and it seems to work, but I can't share efficiently. Moving everything to another software and getting my people used to using it is a complex task, it has taken me years to get them used to EN. We'll see what I can do. Thank you very much to all for the tips.

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It is quite obvious somebody decided the new UI is the way to go. Probably a nice PowerPoint presentation, y‘ know how it works.

Now it is the best idea since canned milk, and will stay this way ‚til the next PowerPoint presentation …

You can send your idea about it here

Feedback about the new UI
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