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  1. Well, look at that. Thank you! OK, new feature request: I'd like to win the lottery, please.
  2. Hi Evernote team I frequently find myself searching for a note, then wanting to view the list of notes with the same tag. If I right-click on the note's tag, I can remove/modify it, but I'd love to have a "add this tag to the filter" option too. I spend a lot of time scrolling down the tag list (I have a lot of tags...maybe I'm doing it wrong to select the right tag. For example, I might pull up a note I've tagged "Bob's birthday plans", with a "party" tag. I'd like to be able to select that tag and get a list of all other party-tagged notes. From there I could find a "balloon supplier" note, which has a "supplier" tag. Add that and boom, I've got all my party supplier notes filtered. Does that make sense? -Jon
  3. Thanks - glad to know you're working on it Happy to send logs - next time it pops up I'll check the logs and see if there's anything relevant.
  4. Not working for me. Build #f3c15f9 on Chrome 27.0.1453.110. Still getting endless pdf popups, and now I'm getting gmail ones too. I open pdfs a few times a day and the popup is annoying, but I open Gmail windows ALL the time, and the popup is ridiculous. Can't you add a "stop showing popups" flag to the user account?
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