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  1. In Windows it is simple to install Legacy, but to use "Legacy" in Android you have to download an old apk and install it by hand, few people know how to do this, but you also have to enable the automatic updates of all the applications and then update them manually one by one. one being careful not to touch Evernote's. I work with several people who are not computer literate, and at this time I have discontinued this as it is not possible in practice to "educate" every user in my group. But what I do not understand why they do what they are doing, don't they have a group of users who test the Beta versions? It is no longer worth listing the bothersome, useless errors and changes they produce. Onenote ?, Nimbus ?, I can't stop looking around. It gives me the feeling that something changed in the company, some change in "brain" maybe? I don't know, but I'm afraid to continue investing effort in Evernote when I see that they are losing their way ...
  2. Why don't you go back to the old Evernote while doing the new version right? I never saw the systematic destruction of an excellent software with as much skill as in Evernote!
  3. For all those who ask me how to make colored notebooks: Actually I create a "separator" notebook as the beginning of a group of notes. But I must place a number to order them, then I right click on the notebook and the option "Style" appears, there is "Bold" and "Color"
  4. "... but you‘ve got a multicolor textmarker as a replacement..." : Where is it?
  5. They have taken the option of using colors!!!!!!
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