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How to publish in website as link?

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Welcome to the forums. Are you just wanting to share what you have gathered into this notebook with other people, or do you want others to be able to edit the notes in the notebook? I'm not sure that an entire notebook can be shared with editing privileges. But if you just want people to be able to read what you've got, it is possible (I haven't tried it myself) to export an entire notebook as HTML. Go to Evernote Help & Learning and search for "export notebook."

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...and if you go to the Notebooks page and click the three dots menu you can share a notebook by email address,  when it is possible to set the view / edit / edit and invite options.

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You should make your suggestion to Evernote via a support ticket. This function is not, currently, supported. 

Did you look at the Postach.io route suggested? A third party application but it would give a URL for the notebook together with all the content flagged for publication.


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