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I know it has been posted but there are so many who have ask for tabs to be brought back. I hate paying for the service and having to use legacy to serve my needs. 

why do we need tabs-

1- it is how we operate our workflow

2- we have multiple projects going

3- we ask for it after it was taken from us


please we beg you Evernote. I’m almost at the point to switch to just get what I am needing.   

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If you want Evernote staff to hear your ideas then you need to use a story ticket or the feedback option in the applications.

We are just fellow users so no influence or response.

It is true, though, that EN v10 did demand changed workflows. I decided If make it work for me and within a week or two I became settled with the changes. Note I don't remember the workflows I used with the old Evernote.

If you need specific things and Legacy still provides them then you've got time to make a plan for the future. If that demands tabbed working then unless you can wait and see if it comes, you need to be making a plan for an alternative. 

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Thank you. I have made a ticket but i will try the feedback. I have tried the new one and yes it works but i go back and forth on one screen so much it is difficult.. old dog new tricks i guess. I used another software for years before Evernote that i used tabs and the only way I could transition was the tabs- over 10 years for me. I am using the legacy now, it is just frustrating all the other features i am missing. 

Thank you. 

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12 hours ago, PinkElephant said:

For me it works pretty well to open notes in their own window. It is easier to arrange them side by side or as a mosaic, for example to move content among them.

This is not a 1:1 replacement for tabs, but in some aspects it works even better for me.

This is what Windows users have always done as we have never had the "essential" tabs feature.

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And I suspect that the absence in Windows is one of the reasons it is missing in v10. The parity of features is one of the key aims of v10. Import folders were originally going to be deprecated since they were a Windows only feature. So generate enough support and perhaps tabs will arrive/return.

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As noted the Tabs feature was a Mac only thing in the past. It did not transfer to v10 - presumably to bring parity of features across the various OS versions. I've no idea why it wasn't a Windows feature but perhaps it is difficult to implement in Windows making it something that isn't offered any longer.  Whatever, be sure to register your need with Evernote support via the Feedback or support ticket as well as here.

Perhaps explain why you need this for note taking rather than, for example, opening notes in separate windows.

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22 hours ago, Cuckoo Lala said:

The other reason we need tabs and notebook in a notebook feature is because this is a note taking app.

Based on your comment in another thread that "I've used Evernote consistently since it came out and never ever knew about tabs." - I just wanted to be sure that you knew what the multiple tabs feature is that is being talked about... It was just similar to a tab in a browser. You could get another "main" view of Evernote with side bar and filtered list. It wasn't an actual tab in a notebook or anything...

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I think that you can do this pretty easily if you are using EN web.  You can take anything eg: a notebook, a note etc and make it into a browser tab.  You can even permanently pin it to your browser address bar.  I am not a mac user and therefore never even knew about this "tab" feature that you mention.  However, I agree that it is a useful feature and I have used it with EN web.

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