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  1. Working with tabs is one of Evernote's core strengths and is essential for working efficiently and effectively. For me, the decision was immediate - I have gone back to the previous version so I can use tabs again. Nothing in version 10 will convince me to upgrade until tabs are hopefully included as a feature but are not listed on this page as a notable feature to be implement: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/360047889214. Think about it. If you upgraded to a new version of your favorite web browser with no clue that it does not support tabs, what would be your reaction? Most like
  2. Enhance the Notes editor to include an add ALT tag option to the context image menu so that ALT text will be available to screen readers when sharing notes as Evernote URL's on the web. Such a feature would improve accessibility of shared Evernote web pages. Thank you, Joe F
  3. Jason, I just upgraded to High Sierra 10.13.3 on Tuesday, February 20 and now realize that the issue below is probably related to my version of macOS. That is, when running 10.12.6 Evernote 6.14 beta 3 I did not have the open into blank page issue. When I click on any valid external hyperlink in any note (previous or new), the link opens into a blank page within my browser -- no address displayed. I can copy note link's URL and paste it into the browser so the link is definitely active. Again, the problem is with external links not links to other notes, which work fine. I just
  4. Using Evernote 6.14 beta 2 I have recently experienced three sudden crashes (quit immediately) when annotating images. Has anyone else experienced this?
  5. In Evernote 6.14 beta 2 it is no longer possible to control/right-click on a note to bring up the contextual menu with choices such as Duplicate Note, Delete Note, ... One has to go to the Notes menu to choose the related command. This feature was lost somewhere in a previous release of Evernote and is important for working efficiently in EN. Will this be (hopefully) restored?
  6. Dear Evernote development team, I am hoping that it is not forgotten that two important usability features are missing with recent Evernote beta updates. 1. Drag and drop of images to the desktop is no longer possible, at least for me (Untitled Clipping instead of the actual image.) 2. Control/Right clicking on a note no longer brings up a textual menu. These are significant timesavers that I have used (before recent updates) all the time. Feedback needed, please. Thank you, Joe Fahs (1-12-18)
  7. Since installation of beta 6.14.1 unable to right-click/control-click on a note to bring up the contextual menu. Hopefully this is a bug. Joe Fahs (1-2-18)
  8. Since release 6.13, text copied from an EN note to the same note or another note will on occasion end the paste text with nbsp& (non-breaking space code). Has anyone else experienced this behavior? Current version is 6.13.1
  9. Yes, the new iOS 11 drag and drop should be incorporated into Evernote iOS like Notes. I can actually drag text from another app into the Title bar but that is essentially useless. It would helpful if Evernote support could provide a timeline on when it will be implemented.
  10. Please bring back drag and drop of images from a note to the desktop, which was available in previous releases of Evernote for Mac. Thank you, Joe Fahs (10-20-17)
  11. Hi Justin. I had the same issue as described by mhb116950 . It occurred soon after I had to force quit Evernote starting three days or so ago. (I have been running Evernote Beta 3 for at least a week.) It was Notebook (possibly just Note) instead of the actual notebook name. However, the list of notebooks were fine. After fixing the force quit issue with the workaround below, I then started Evernote normally and the actual notebook names re-appeared. Use this workaround to quit and restart Evernote normally. Following recommendations in this thread as a temporary workaround I
  12. Following recommendations in this thread as a temporary workaround I checked Preferences > Sync > Manually and kept the Warn me if I quit while syncing. I had to first force quit Evernote after changing the Preferences. However, after restarting Evernote I am able to quit normally and re-open. Just remember to Sync manually.
  13. Jason, Thanks for confirming. I do see the value of maintaining the hyperlink. Joe
  14. 6.12 beta 3 (I think): When copying hyperlinked text (from a web page for example), choosing Edit > Paste and match style results in the text still being hyperlinked. The workaround is to highlight the link and choose Format > Link > Remove. Or maybe this was always the case?!
  15. 6.12 beta 3: Drag and drop of note images to the desktop no longer appears to work. The resulting desktop file is an Untitled clipping. The workaround is to Control-click on the image and choose Save As.
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