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  1. Just another vote for it. It is sad to pay for a service but have to use their legacy version and not get any of the other updates or features.. A BIG disappointment that I keep hoping will change but maybe using paying members do not matter.
  2. It use to be there. The new update lost it. You can download the legacy version to get them. But we need them back.
  3. Agree bring back tabs-- I'm using legacy and may have to find another piece of software.
  4. I am getting the same message.. I would PM but not sure how to do that on here. I also tried the script also given with more detail. I like the added modified not just created date, but would take any. I am coming over from Macjournal .. Thanks in advance.
  5. I am completely new to Apple scripts. I have used EN for random things like web clippings, scans and Pennuliate. However I have used MacJournal for my notes and all kinda of notebooks. I have probably over a thousand of notes dating over 10 years. The created date is important to me too. However all you have suggested is foreign to me. Any very basic help in understating it would be great.
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