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[Fixed in Version 10.29] Right click menu has gone from recent Windows Desktop app



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Evernote: 10.28.3 - Windows Desktop
Windows 10 OS

Since receiving the v10.28.3 update I've noticed that the ability to right-click on an attachment such as a PDF or image file no longer exists.

My typical way of opening a PDF in an external program such as Acrobat was to right-click and choose Open. Since the 10.28.3 update the right click menu no longer works on attachments nor inside HTML containers.

There is a workaround clicking on the top bar of the PDF and choosing Open inside the three dot menu but the right-click menu had other options such as cut/copy etc and to do that now seems to require highlighting the PDF and using keyboard shortcuts to cut/copy etc.

It isn't a disaster for me but it isn't convenient either. Anyone else able to reproduce?

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37 minutes ago, agsteele said:

Anyone else able to reproduce?

Right click is still working for me.

10.28.3-win-ddl-public (3151)
Editor: v138.1.17456
Service: v1.45.0
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It keeps breaking on my Windows Client. If I use task manager to stop all evernote services and then relaunch it works for an hour or so... this is new behavior starting this week. It is happening on two different windows 10 machines. Both are up to date. In the screen clip I was attempting to encrypt a string - something that I don't think you can do any other way. Very annoying - fix please.

Broken right click menu - Screenshot 2022-01-12 153555.png

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Same here - broken - again.  It was broken 2 updates ago, then it was fixed.  And again I update - giving Evernote the benefit of the doubt - and it's broken again to my utter disappointment.

I use the right-click context menu to copy/paste all the time.  It was broken the last time - then it works for a while - then it's broken again.

Something as simple -- and EXPECTED BEHAVIOUR -- seems to elude the developers here at Evernote.

They seem to only push out updates if there is absolute code regression in it - it's not like we pay for this software and expect it to work consistently.

Of course this a management issue - that I really wish they would address.

It's hard to stand behind making any recommendations to others in favor of Evernote, just on this issue alone.  Especially in a paid product.

They are certainly quick to point out - inconvenient work arounds - I paid money to make my life harder it seems.

It says -- "Your content will need to be approved by a moderator" - I just used right-click on the web-site to copy/paste that here, by the way -- so I doubt my comment will be seen in the posting.

But damn it sure feels good to vent a little frustration with the ineptitude I stupidly keep paying for.

Premium Subscription since August 25, 2015.

Evidently, I feel great being the stupid one in this 7 year relationship.

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On 1/12/2022 at 12:14 PM, agsteele said:

Thanks @FrankC. I'm pleased that I'm not alone. When the next version update arrives I'll probably do a clean install to check how that works.

Hmm - not sure what changed - but it appears to be working OK now. I didn't do anything apart from the normal shutting-down + restart of my PC

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On 1/11/2022 at 6:07 PM, agsteele said:

My typical way of opening a PDF in an external program such as Acrobat was to right-click and choose Open.

Just another thought. Double clicking the attachment or the grey header in single page or all page modes also opens the pdf in the external program for me.

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