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  1. This is the icon from firefox. I sign in once and the icon stays the same, I click it a second time and I get a whitebox popup for a second or two and then nothing. At this point it is completely unusable.
  2. I would like to suggest that perhaps Evernote should take a step towards complete encryption. I use evernote frequently for odds and ends but do not feel comfortable posting tax documents, health documents and other personal information. I would like to have everything in one place but not at the price of privacy or security for me and my family. I currently also subscribe to SpiderOak and I love their privacy and technology postion. Basically everything is encrypted before it is sent to the data center. Read about it here: https://spideroak.com/whyspideroak#privacy. I think this policy goes beyond protecting me - it could also protect Evernote.
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