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  1. Current situation is that the ticket has moved from Customer Support -> Technical Support -> Development Team (for further review). The issue and symptoms have been confirmed and reproduced. No date for resolution. Workaround is to use Legacy.
  2. Yes I am experiencing the same as @Mike P I have an open ticked relating to loss of images when merging notes. With 10.8.5 I only lose the image from the first merged note - so some improvement ! I have now retried this with two and 3 notes - in each case, just the first note/image was lost. While doing some other testing, I found that if you merge notes and try to re-merge the merged notes, this gives an error message and fails. I.E. merge notes A & B = NoteAB merge noted C & D = NoteCD Try to merge NoteAB and NoteCD and it will fail, with an error message.
  3. When I said that I didn't think it was a syncing problem, what I meant was that I believed syncing had taken place, but not all of the OCR/indexing information was transferred from legacy to V10. Anyway, I'll see if I get anywhere with my support ticket.
  4. Yes - confirmation of syncing is an issue, but I don't think it's causing the problem I reported. My interpretation of my problem is that something is failing (or partially failing) when moving the recoIndex attributes (see post below) from the legacy database to the V10 database. This would explain why the searching for text partially works on old notes, and fully works on new notes. This blog post explains the old (legacy) process, but there doesn't seem to be a V10 version with current information : https://evernote.com/blog/how-evernotes-image-recognition-works/ I've confi
  5. Good to see that it's not happening for you. It's a confusing issue as it only affects some of the text in the image - other parts of the text are indexed - in all versions. It's possible many people will never get (or notice) the problem. My worry is that you wouldn't easily know there were missing notes in the search results, unless you try the same search in the old and new versions. You're right of course - testing should be on all versions - even if you're "sure" it won't make a difference. Should have remembered that from my coding days. So, I tried it on the web version but got t
  6. Yes - there has to have been some difference - but what, and how to work around this ? In reply to some of your specific points : I don't think it's a sync issue as (a) it's a very old note and (b) it works if I cut/paste just the image in question to a completely new note I have already raised a support ticket, but no meaningful response yet. You may not have identified this problem because you haven't noticed it yet. Try a few searches in legacy and V10 which include text in images. If you get different numbers of notes returned in the searches, that's probably this issu
  7. I wonder if anyone has any suggestions on a problem/but I have with V10. I use legacy mainly, but regularly try V10 to see how its progressing. I've found a number of bugs which would prevent me using V10, but one in particular confuses me - and I wonder if anyone has any suggestions (BTW I have already raised a related support ticket, but no resolution yet). I noticed a discrepancy in the number of search results between Legacy and V10. I finally narrowed it down to some search terms not being found in V10, when they were found in legacy. These related to finding text in images. Fo
  8. I have found that some documents which were OCR'd/Indexed by the legacy version are not fully OCR'd/Indexed by the latest version. This results in different search results between the two versions. I tracked this down by doing various searches and seeing what notes were returned by the same search on each version. Doesn't make complete sense to me, as I would have thought both versions would be "looking" at the same index. The notes causing the discrepancy in my tests were not recent ones. Support ticket raised recently, so am awaiting a response.
  9. Same issue - I was prepared to live with the horrible (appearance-wise) widget. However, finding that images wouldn't display was a bit to much for me. I've reverted to the legacy Android version using the APK and turned off updates. So, for now I'm sticking with legacy PC and Android versions for doing any work. I occasionally try v10 when a new release comes out - but it seems that every new release adds a bit of functionality, but introduces different bugs. Even in the latest release, merging notes still causes image loss.
  10. I've activated the widgets for Android using v10.4. However there doesn't appear to be any way to style the widget/action bar. I would be happy with the way it looked before. However, the the new version looks terrible and matches nothing else (green icons on a bright white background with almost unreadable grey text). Is there any way to change this ?
  11. Yes - 10.6.9 - On Win 10 PC I'll see what support come up with. sent them some screenshots & logs.
  12. This morning + again just before I replied here. I also noticed that when I click on the "ENLARGE" button (under the missing image) it opens the original image in a new tab. However, this is actually a link to the image on the original website (which of course makes it useless for archive purposes, if the original site changes anything). I've just now done another test with 2 web clips using "screenshot". Once again the images have disappeared. Of course, in this case, the full note is just an image - so nothing remains except the titles from the merged notes.
  13. I have an open ticket related to this. While producing some test examples, I discovered another apparent bug. If I merge two notes, then another two notes into two new notes, then these two new notes cannot be merged into a single note. It starts working, then I get an error message : "We were unable to merge all the items. Please retry" The other funny think happening is that when I merge 2 notes, the images appear there initially. However, when I go back later, they're gone.
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