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  1. Yes, but in this case it's on the same image on the same website - I can get any of the 3 options- I've tried it at different times for testing purposes. Doesn't make sense to me !
  2. I have an odd problem using the Web Clipper in Chrome. For some images, I want to right-click and choose "Clip image to Evernote" (I know there are other methods, like screenshots etc.) However, I see three different types of apparently random options when I right-click : (1) No Evernote option at all on the right-click context menu (2) Just a "Clip full page to Evernote" option (3) "Evernote Web Clipper" with 4 sub-options, including the one I want - "Clip image to Evernote" Any of the above can appear - even on the same page/image . I can't see any pattern to this e.g. whether EN is running or not, legacy or V10 etc. For testing purposes, I've tried this multiple times on the same image - but get any one of the 3 options above. It's possibly a Windows/Chrome problem. I haven't logged it as a bug yet - wondering if anyone else has experienced it or has any suggestions ?
  3. Just to keep this up-to date as of V10.12.4 (1) The main merged notes problem has been fixed, and images are no longer lost. As documented by agsteele, there is still a problem where 1 of the notes contains only a HTML container. This will be lost in the merge. Workaround is to add some random text in the html note. (2) The incomplete indexing problem remains. I was misled in checking this because it was picking up some of my test notes. However, the original problem remains. (OCR indexes for pre-V10 created notes are incomplete I.E. not migrated properly - so some notes are missed in searches).
  4. @Austin G Can confirm that this also happens in V10.12.4
  5. The merging notes problem finally seems to have been fixed in V10.11.5 This means that two major bugs preventing me from using V10 have finally been fixed (this one + the incomplete indexing of prior-to-v10 text in images) . I will now try to use V10 more - to see if any other showstoppers remain.
  6. This appears to have been fixed in V10.11.5 - for my test cases anyway. Will try more examples over time to confirm. Edit : On further testing - still not fixed 😞
  7. I find that they usually merge - but the bug relating to disappearing images is still there (have reported this). Since the last update, I find the merged notes always remain in the notebook, irrespective of the merge setting. I assumed this was done to partly mitigate the result of the bug, and save you having to retrieve the original notes from trash.
  8. Tried a few of these - with pretty much the same results. Copying from a word document worked for plain text, but if there was any formatting - even paragraphs - then it failed. So, in practice it's hit & miss - useful when it works, but unreliable.
  9. I never used that option - so guess the default has changed. Agree with the seriousness of this. Still 2 major issues/bugs for me (and of course lots of additional ones for others) preventing me using it. While its nice to have new features, I would have thought that basic functions would be a priority. I am also not that encouraged by the beta process so far. Having now been involved in 3 recent ones, I have seen very few of the suggestions taken up. Yes - if something doesn't work the way EN intended because of a bug - they may address that. However, most of the improvements or alternative options or suggestions don't seem to have made it in to the released version. Because of this, I don't spend too much time on detailed evaluation for the "beta" testing, just check the major options.
  10. Update following release of 10.9.10 : The merged note is still losing all the images, however, the original notes are not being moved to trash when you do the merge. I suppose this counts as some improvement.
  11. Current situation is that the ticket has moved from Customer Support -> Technical Support -> Development Team (for further review). The issue and symptoms have been confirmed and reproduced. No date for resolution. Workaround is to use Legacy.
  12. Yes I am experiencing the same as @Mike P I have an open ticked relating to loss of images when merging notes. With 10.8.5 I only lose the image from the first merged note - so some improvement ! I have now retried this with two and 3 notes - in each case, just the first note/image was lost. While doing some other testing, I found that if you merge notes and try to re-merge the merged notes, this gives an error message and fails. I.E. merge notes A & B = NoteAB merge noted C & D = NoteCD Try to merge NoteAB and NoteCD and it will fail, with an error message. Reported this as a possible bug, but was told it was a feature not yet implemented in the latest version (but suspect this was a cut 'n' paste, go-away answer). Don't understand why this should happen, as a I would have thought a merged note is just a another note.
  13. When I said that I didn't think it was a syncing problem, what I meant was that I believed syncing had taken place, but not all of the OCR/indexing information was transferred from legacy to V10. Anyway, I'll see if I get anywhere with my support ticket.
  14. Yes - confirmation of syncing is an issue, but I don't think it's causing the problem I reported. My interpretation of my problem is that something is failing (or partially failing) when moving the recoIndex attributes (see post below) from the legacy database to the V10 database. This would explain why the searching for text partially works on old notes, and fully works on new notes. This blog post explains the old (legacy) process, but there doesn't seem to be a V10 version with current information : https://evernote.com/blog/how-evernotes-image-recognition-works/ I've confirmed that the legacy system enex file for the note in question contains the relevant search phrase. The V10 note doesn't contain recoIndex entries - so I can't check them.
  15. Good to see that it's not happening for you. It's a confusing issue as it only affects some of the text in the image - other parts of the text are indexed - in all versions. It's possible many people will never get (or notice) the problem. My worry is that you wouldn't easily know there were missing notes in the search results, unless you try the same search in the old and new versions. You're right of course - testing should be on all versions - even if you're "sure" it won't make a difference. Should have remembered that from my coding days. So, I tried it on the web version but got the same result - same missing notes. I was pretty sure the note had synced, because I could find it with other searches (not using the specific text-in-image which caused the problem). I have already confirmed that creating a new note (with cut'n'paste) works, and also that just copying the note doesn't. So, the problem seems to be in something missing in the data stored regarding the note in V10 (the indexing data you refer to in your first reply). This has to be some sort of deficiency in V10 when it migrates/opes the database from the legacy version.
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