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  1. Not quite what I want though. The Notion Gallery View allows me to see all the thumbnails for each note in a notebook in an easily viewable/scrollable format. I can view 20 thumbnails on a page at a time. I know the notes column is also scrollable - but it's a lot slower to use it. And while I'm here - will we ever be able to choose the image used for a note thumbnail (when the note has more than one image - and I do know about the clunky workaround 🙂 ) ?
  2. I use Notion for one purpose only - Gallery View. I think this used to be available in Evernote a while ago, but not now. I manually mirror a specific Evernote notebook in Notion. For one set of photos, it's the most useful view for me to find an image (and associated text) quickly.
  3. As described in the quoted thread in Dave-in-Decatur's post - the one before my last one ("Many notes are blank.....")
  4. Yes, and possibly the same cause -> the 1-hour server problem.
  5. I had tried that originally with no success. However, some combination of time and "messing around" with various things seems to have resolved it - all notes are now visible. One thing that may have helped was updating the Android app, clearing cache and viewing the problem notes. Some notes only became viewable on the desktop app when I had already viewed them on Android. However, this may have been a coincidence.
  6. Jumped the gun here - still a problem. I checked the problem notes in the Android app this morning, and they were all OK (the reason appears to be that this was on an old tablet, which can only run Evernote 8.13.3). On my phone using version 10.53.1, they remain blank. I then tried the desktop app & the browser version, and they are still blank.
  7. Left it overnight, and the blank notes (from web clips) have now reappeared. Tested clipping again this morning and all appears to be OK.
  8. Logged a call anyway, but glad to hear it was temporary. However, everything else appeared to be working until viewing the notes. My original + test notes are still blank.
  9. Tried it again just now, and successfully clipped a new note - as you report. My original note + subsequent test notes are still blank. So, will have to put it down to some sort of syncing glitch. What I don't understand is why the shared link worked, while the note in the app stayed blank. I will wait and see if the blank notes appear correctly and report it, if not.
  10. Didn't notice the "Saving", but same here. The manually created screenshot (using Screenshot Captor) displays correctly and doesn't show the "Saving" text. Going to contact support now.
  11. Wonder if anyone else is having this problem with the web clipper. Tried to do a web clip today - full screen, it appeared to work, but the note is completely blank (not even a "cannot render image" error). Two other things : (1) The note snippet shows a preview of the image (2) If I generate a shareable link for the note, the link displays the note correctly ! However, the desktop, browser and Android versions of the note are all blank. Windows 10. Evernote 10.60.4. Web Clipper I can create a note and paste in an image from the same web page (using a 3rd party web clipper) which does work. I have tried restarting Evernote, rebuilding the local copy of the notes, and rebooting with no success. Any other suggestions before I contact support ?
  12. Is there any way to download an installer file for 10.58 or an older version - I've been mainly using the built-in update process, so rarely have old installer files ? Also - another related problem is that the first time I click on a tag - all notes are returned.
  13. For yet another variation - I have a two-screen setup using Win 10. It appears on my second screen, bottom right corner.
  14. My experience is slightly different, in that the problems I reported took months to fix. I now keep an old version installed, but disabled, in Chrome in case a new update breaks something.
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