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How can I toggle search result highlights?

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Depends on the client you are using.

If it is a desktop client, type the search term into the search field. Click in the note you want in the search list, selecting it.

Now simply click on the "x" in the search field, deleting the term. This will remove all highlighting. The selected note stays selected, but without highlighter.

If you want to search again, you don't need to type it all. The 3 last search terms are stored in the search function. Just click into the search field, and select them from the dropdown list.

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Evernote, this is a really annoying thing, and the work-around mentioned above doesn't work on a tablet. PLEASE GIVE US A NEAT CLEAN WAY TO TURN OFF SEARCH TERM HIGHLIGHTING IN A NOTE!

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I'd also be interested in a way to turn off search term highlighting -- why not? -- but it's only a very trivial issue at the worst for me. Once you start editing the note, they also go away (unfortunately this will also change the Update Date on the note though which, depending on your use-case may be a worse side-affect than the original issue).

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9 hours ago, cvbeth said:

Evernote, this is a really annoying thing, and the work-around mentioned above doesn't work on a tablet. PLEASE GIVE US A NEAT CLEAN WAY TO TURN OFF SEARCH TERM HIGHLIGHTING IN A NOTE!

You have a bad keyboard, caps lock is stuck ….

We are other users in the forum, and we do NOT appreciate any „funny“ use of special effects to make posts stand out.

If you want to contribute, do it with your arguments. And no, it does not work on tablets.

Contact EN support.

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33 minutes ago, rafikiphoto said:

Cancelling the search, as suggested, loses any other note identified in that search which is not always desirable. More than a small problem for me.

Currently to make use of search results after the search has been terminated, you can do this:

Select a note of interest as „shortcut“, to make it appear in the shortcuts section

Use a tag like SearchResult to temporarily tag all relevant notes. By deleting the tag, you can erase it from all notes. Thus you don‘t need to open each note individually, to remove the tag one by one.

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As long as you can select a single note, it works directly.

Whenever you need more than one, you have so set a marker anyhow. And this is how it works in EN.

It works better on desktops, where you can select several notes at once, and tag them. On mobile it is more difficult, because it allows only one note to be active at any time.

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19 hours ago, rafikiphoto said:

Thanks, noted. A real faff for one quick search for an item though.

Fortunately there is another way. Keyboard shortcuts are for Windows.

  • In the note you want to look at without highlighting hit ctrl+F (three dots and then "find within note" although this actually gives you the bigger search and replace pop-up (ctrl+H)). The find in note dialogue pops up with the search term in the search field already highlighted.
  • Press delete and the highlighting disappears
  • Leave the box open and read the note
  • Close the box and the highlighting reappears
  • Select another search result from the list and repeat.

Note that you can only search within a note if you have clicked in it to edit it. Provided you do not make changes to the note the update date is not changed by simply putting the note into edit mode.

Tested in Evernote Windows desktop and web versions.

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Thank you. That does work on the Mac. Unfortunately on the iPad and iPhone it does not. If I go into "Search in note" and clear the search string it greys out the entire note. Can't see it or write in it. Starting to edit the note does clear the search string highlights. A bit klunky but better than nothing.

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