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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I have found that printing to Foxit Phantom PDF works for most pages (there is not an unmanageable number). I then open the file in Foxit which has a built-in send to Evernote button.
  2. After a brief foray into OneNote I want to import some notebooks I made there into my Evernote account. How can I do this? I have OneNote 2016 desktop installed but Evernote does not recognise this.
  3. I have this irritating and ever-ongoing problem with FF. However I found today that it works with the same webpage in Vivaldi Browser.
  4. @PinkElephant Thank you. I tried reloading several times and checking that the page was not still downloading but no improvement I'm afraid.
  5. Thanks Dave. It's a regular part of the page that is truncating not the peripherals. I'm trying to find another example. When I do I'll post again.
  6. I frequently find that Web Clipper 'simplified article' setting truncates the page. I am running the latest Evernote version on Windows 10. An example of a problem web page for me is https://www.duolingo.com/skill/dn/Basics-2/tips-and-notes. I use Firefox and Vivaldi browsers, both latest versions. Is there a fix for this?
  7. I followed the advice of CalS. I Created an Evernote folder and linked it to Evernote/Inbox with Tools>Import Folders. Now I can select text then select Print. Choose 'Print To Evernote' and the selected text appears as a pdf in my Evernote inbox. I have the latest Windows version from evernote.com.o
  8. I was checking-in for a flight and after sending to my printer to print off the boarding pass I noticed a printer dialogue option to 'Print to Evernote'. Curious, I selected it and then clicked 'Print'. A file explorer box popped up asking where to save the pdf. I selected the default 'Documents' folder and off it went. I synchronised Evernote and looked for the boarding pass in Notebooks but couldn't find it anywhere. How does 'Print to Evernote' from a printer dialogue work. How do I find the result in Evernote?
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