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  1. Jon/t's post in No Wordcount version 10.16.7 was marked as the answer   
    CTRL SHIFT I gives you the note info with word count..... I think Macs have a different button to CTRL that does the same thing.
    CTRL (or whatever it is) / gives you about a million shortcuts which save me a bunch of time.
  2. Jon/t's post in Keyboard Shortcut for adding tasks to a note was marked as the answer   
    ALT T to add a task... works here using Win.
    CTRL / gives you all the shortcuts.
  3. Jon/t's post in Having issues with finding/using Templates (Resolved) was marked as the answer   
    I used the template functionality a few minutes ago and it worked fine.... using Windows.
    I created a note and top right 3 dots selected save as template and it's there in my template's section.
    Worked a treat! Maybe switch off and on again? 
    Just tried again making a test template and worked... maybe a temporary glitch?
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