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No Quick notes????


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So I remember there having ab option to use quick notes which is a feature of evernote where you gave the icon and you tap it ans a mini note box appears without me inserting a finger print or password. I accidentally deleted that icon and I cannot get that icon back anymore. Does anyone know where I can find it? I have attached what I mean. Also I'm using the android version 


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When my Evernote app updated recently I lost the quick note drop-down option from the header of my Android phone. It was the most essential tool on my Android cell phone that I used everyday. I've been trying to get this back and I don't know how. If anyone can please help me get the quick note option back on my Android cell phone I would greatly appreciate it. It is the number one essential tool that I use on my cell phone and it's been extremely difficult not having it available....

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On 5/1/2021 at 9:37 AM, stephenwk said:

Have quick notes in Android been reinstated yet (1 May 2021)? If not, why not?

What Evernote version?  If you're using v10,  I'd say the developers haven't gotten around to that yet.  You can always get the feature back by installing the older version and disabling updates...

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Not (yet ?) available on iOS and Android. Would be a real time saver.

On Desktop there is the EN helper to allow grabbing content and converting it into a note.

For all clients a QuickNote Feature can be placed on the new Home dashboard. You need to open the app, but then it is available right in the first view. Everything placed here can easily be converted into a full new note.

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I am not sure about Android, but there are a number of quick note apps for iOS. I use FastEver all the time… I wish it was available on Mac as it is much better than the Evernote helper quick entry method. 

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It produces a fast note - and then ? You still need to enter it into EN.

What you win on quick creation, you loose on the later process.

The fastest and easiest way on iOS is BTW to use the build in Apple Notes app. It has all the quick note capacity one can wish for - but again you need to move the new note from there into EN.

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I recently upgraded my phone and am devastated to learn there is no quick note from the notification bar.

Please remember that it's these unique features that make your app stand out.

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On 3/21/2023 at 12:45 PM, gazumped said:

Hi.  Have you looked into Widgets?

I appreciate you pointing me in that direction for a solution, but unfortunately a quick note widget would be too many steps for me.

I'd likely more often forget whatever I was trying to save while trying to find the widget.

The best part about doing it from the notification bar is that you can do it from pretty much anywhere on your phone.

With a widget, you have to hit home and then go to the right home screen where the widget lives.

Sure, I could put the widget on my first home screen - but that real estate is being used for other things.

In the end I downgraded the app to version 8.13.3 by finding it online and installing from the downloaded apk.

If you do this then make sure to turn off auto-updates for Evernote in the Play Store.

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I have a note that I call 'Today' which I then set to have shortcut to my phone's screen.  I need to make a quick note I tap that shortcut and the note opens.  I add whatever and it is saved untilI decide what needs to be done.

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