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  1. When my Evernote app updated recently I lost the quick note drop-down option from the header of my Android phone. It was the most essential tool on my Android cell phone that I used everyday. I've been trying to get this back and I don't know how. If anyone can please help me get the quick note option back on my Android cell phone I would greatly appreciate it. It is the number one essential tool that I use on my cell phone and it's been extremely difficult not having it available....
  2. My app upgraded. I lost quick note drop down option. It's the most important feature I used on Evernote. How do I get this back? Please help.
  3. Okay so my Evernote app somehow updated to the point where all of my normal settings seem to have been lost and I cannot figure out how to get the drop-down quick note feature back on my drop-down header on my Android cell phone and I use this quick note feature all the time it is a very essential tool for me and I honestly really need some help please because it used to be there and now it's gone and I don't know how to get it back?
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