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Device Limit reached on Premium account

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Weird.  Still,  as a Premium member you can take that up with Support... 

(This is a -mainly- user-supported Forum. Although Evernote staffers do read the posts here, and there are Admins to keep everyone in line,  there's no guarantee when that will be. If you need help on a technical issue,  we can offer advice from our collective experience but Evernote support is available (for subscribers) via the website link, and (for everyone) on Twitter @EvernoteHelps or via their Facebook community.)

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5 hours ago, Chrisb said:

Bit of a strange one.  First time I've seen this message pop up, asking me to upgrade because I've reached my device limit.  I'm on a premium account.

Can you share a screen shot if it happens again?

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Just a wild guess, it could possibly be related to duplicate devices, a recurring phenomenon for some reason .

Go to your account online, check which devices are approved.  If some of the approved devices are duplicates, try deleting the ones without a "last accessed" entry (I found two on mine just now, weird).

Or you could just delete all approved devices and simply sign in again on the ones you are actually using.  

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I also got this error message today - just a modal popup that occured on Evernote for desktop, saying that the device limit had been reached.  I was confused -- I thought Evernote had imposed some kind of device limit on premium as well, and the only choice was to upgrade to business.  That led me on a 10 minute goose chase which ended here.  My evernote seems to be working ok and once I dismissed the popup I was able to work normally.

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In fact Business is no upgrade for a person. To use Business, you need a group of persons (not necessarily employees of a Business), an admin to set it up and maintain - and a use case for it. Business means setting up compartments for information access, and some information flow, like in an order process. In general all processes a small or medium company runs can be projected on a Business setup.

With Premium you are already in the personal not-upgradable class 😀

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