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  1. I also got this error message today - just a modal popup that occured on Evernote for desktop, saying that the device limit had been reached. I was confused -- I thought Evernote had imposed some kind of device limit on premium as well, and the only choice was to upgrade to business. That led me on a 10 minute goose chase which ended here. My evernote seems to be working ok and once I dismissed the popup I was able to work normally.
  2. Just deleted the notes and using another service I already use instead for that. Annoying, but maybe my use case is so rare that no one else cares.
  3. Honestly all I need is a way to not have certain notes show up in the default logon view, because if I’m going to use my notes to present but have to login in front of an audience I don’t necessarily want them seeing my other notes. Sounds like you have some deep integration there - I tend to use Evernote on the web most of the time on computers that are not mine, so scripts are not feasible. Encryption sounds nice but the problem is that often even the titles are personal enough that I don’t want people seeing them. I will just use google docs instead. Oh well, not worth pulling my hair out over.
  4. Totally agree - my private notes are just exposed for anyone to see, super annoying.
  5. Sometimes I put my personal thoughts in evernote, but I also use it as a teaching tool. I hate that when I login to Evernote on the web that I can't change the default view and make it stick. Anyone next to me will see at least the titles of all of my recent notes, and the content of the first one, sometimes containing quite personal information. Would be nice if there were a way to change the default sort that would stick across web and desktop version.
  6. Because this was such a daily frustration, I did what any self-respecting Evernote user would do: I nearly completely eliminated bullets from my notes. Instead, I created "templates" that I copy and paste from with font size and colors for various sections and organizing. I say "nearly" because I occasionally add some bullets. However, I don't nest them -- top level bullets only. It's nice to hear they are working better skennedy789. Maybe at some point in the future I'll have to test them out -- perhaps after this thread goes quiet for good.
  7. +1 for this same problem, I am also on Win 7, paste, and cannot annotate even though the annotate button is visible, unless I force a save by moving to a different note and back. I make very long image based notes, and this causes the note to jump back up to the top (my scroll position resets, in other words). Ditto once I scroll back down, annotate, and save -- the note saves with the new annotated image and then jumps back up to the top. frustrating if i am in the middle rather than the end of a long note (say, in the middle of a lecture)
  8. I have to agree -- I've contacted support a number of times about bullet issues. I love Evernote enough to have become a premium user -- not because I need the space or features, just because I want to support the app because I use it so much. Anyhow, I have to work around bullet formatting issues daily, multiple times a day, and it is irritating. Just feeling frustrated and was curious if I was the only user in the world who uses bullets and has problems with it in Evernote. Obviously I'm not alone - I see 3 users are online currently reading this post. I know venting here won't help make it better, but I just wanted to voice my frustrations somewhere. Bullets and in general any rich text type formatting is clunky and/or buggy in Evernote. I'm not taking my business elsewhere, but I wish making this as good as the rest of the app were more of a priority. Ugh!
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