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Browser Based Web App is NOT saving changes to notes

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I am currently working for a company where I need to use a corporate laptop to interact with my Evernote account and cannot install the native app.

I have lost a TON of notes over the last 2 weeks because the web app is completely hit or miss when it comes to actually saving my notes.

It's absolutely ridiculous. I've spent upwards of 20 minutes entering text into a note only to have all of my work vanish upon a page refresh or when opening up the native app on any of my devices.

I've spent enough time trying to determine if it is just a situation unique to myself, or if it is a systemic issue. Every web browser I interact with my evernote account with behaves this same way. The web app is therefore completely useless to me. If I cannot trust that my updates are being saved then it is not worth my time to use the app.

Considering that searches throughout this forum show that people have been complaining about this issue for 10+ years — I will just assume that once again, Evernote doesn't care at all about their users. I can add this new issue I am having to the list of HUNDREDS of bugs I find in the app which people have been complaining about for the last decade.

This is the reason I am trying out new software and as soon as I find a suitable replacement for my needs I am ditching Evernote as fast as I can.

In the meantime I would like to know if anyone has a solution for this problem but I am not going to hold my breath waiting for an acceptable answer.

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I noticed this as well and assumed it was just me, glad to know (sort of) that it’s not just something I’ve encountered.

Typically, I type things in word, then copy to Evernote, which, while not ideal, could be a work around?

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Yes, I am experiencing the exact same issue, spent ages editing a note, moved to another note, came back and GONE! Unusable and unreliable.

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I am being a lot more careful how I interact with this. I literally need to real-time interact in the same note between my personal mac and the corporate POS Dell they gave me.

I already have to be careful not to introduce note conflicts by hitting refresh on my mac when I switch — and I notice that MOST times if I hit refresh on my mac after making a change on the PC (browser) side the changes save AND sync properly. But not every time.

I can deal with note conflicts if I create them by being careful, but when the notes simply don't save it completely destroys my workflow.

The only problems I am having is if I spend a few minutes modifying the note on the windows machine (or creating a new note) I can work for a period of time and find that nothing I did was saved. The proper fix would either be to introduce a specific "SAVE" button in the web UI to CONFIRM that your stuff is saving — because in the current implementation I have absolutely no idea of knowing if what I did was saved or not.

I've lost notes at least 10 times in the last 2 weeks and there is nothing I can point to as "steps to reproduce" the bug other than "just use it for awhile and you'll see it happen to yourself."

If I could install the desktop app on this garbage corporate Dell I would be fine but for users who are in my situation you're pretty much screwed.

I am basically in a situation where I have to use a personal machine to do my work because the horrible IT department at this place won't give me any equipment, access, or tools I need to do the job — but they gave me some 10 year old piece of junk Dell so I can access certain things behind firewalls they will not allow me to access with my own device.

Plus I have to run a VPN on my personal mac to get around 90% of the internet being blocked by them — and I am using evernote to keep my notes AND to transfer things I need between machines.

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