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  1. blue-neptune

    Does Evernote scan for viruses?

    Hello Thank you very much for replying and for the welcome! May I ask how, if I had already uploaded the images, I would make sure the notes are clear from infection? Would deleting the images (pressing back space), be enough?
  2. blue-neptune

    Browser Based Web App is NOT saving changes to notes

    Hello I noticed this as well and assumed it was just me, glad to know (sort of) that it’s not just something I’ve encountered. Typically, I type things in word, then copy to Evernote, which, while not ideal, could be a work around?
  3. Hello This is my first post here, so apologies if it is not quite right. I was wondering if Evernote scans images that are added to notes for viruses, malware, etc.? I have a couple of images in my notes and cannot remember if I scanned them before uploading. Many thanks