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  1. I think it is reasonable to expect that if I open up a note on the android app, that the note should open. It is also a reasonable request to expect that if I change a note that it synchronizes with the cloud properly so I can open it back up on another device. That's pretty much how Evernote used to work. And those are really the only 2 things I complained about.
  2. The reason most of the apps you use are broken are... 1. The definition of "MVP" has changed from "Most Valuable Player" to "Minimum Viable Product" and that is the stated goal of all software teams now. 2. They fired all of their testers and replaced them with customers. The apps get released full of bugs because some manager said it would be ok. 3. They replaced their customer support with a "user forum" where a bunch of unpaid "fan boys" do it for free instead. Big Tech has been infiltrated by communists, so what you are witnessing is what happens when communism takes over
  3. I have a premium account but I don't have time to deal with some tech support douche in India reading a script from his screen when I can do a google search to bring up the same result he/she got. I did dump the app, empty the cache, data, re-installed it. The app is still a broken hot mess — BUT it does seem to allow me to open a note and make an edit without creating an automatic conflict and saving a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, copy of the note. However notes take up to a minute to load, EVEN when they are marked as offline notes. In fact sometimes they never appear and you have to go bac
  4. The fact that the review panel on the Google Play store is a never-ending scrolling list of ONE STAR reviews now *(and people complaining about the same problems I am) proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that Evernote knows their app is a pile of junk and that they have ZERO intention of caring about it (as usual). The app has just gotten to the point they finally motivated me to move on — but this tool has been an integral part of my workflow for over 10 years so that's not an easy task.
  5. The slowness isn't my biggest issue. It's the fact that every single time I open an existing note it automatically creates a CONFLICT version of the note and then I end up with 6 copies of the note (with each one having a slight difference that is impossible to figure out and put back together).
  6. Evernote for Android has been rendered completely useless to me since the latest updates, starting 2 or 3 months ago,. I mean so completely broken at the most basic level I am astounded that they released it. Notes take 30 seconds to 2 minutes to open — IF they open at all. These could be OFFLINE notes, online notes (with a 200mbps connection speed), or starting a NEW note. More than half the time I have to keep going back, tapping the note again, going back, tapping again 3 or 4 times to get a note to open. THEN if I open ANY existing note for ANY reason and make ANY
  7. Ever since upgrading to the newest version of Evernote, as a paid user for several years. I am ditching this broken piece of trash for good,. My god, I don't even know where to begin. As a UX manager to begin with, there is ZERO chance the product team at Evernote isn't fully aware that they are releasing completely useless, bug-riddled trash whenever they push out an update. Let's see, in half an hour today I found 4 or 5 notes that will not open on the Android app. All I get is a blank page whenever I try and view the contents. One or two of these are OFFLINE notes. The Androi
  8. That button set doesn't exist at all in the version of the app I am using. I have way too many demos going on this week to go switch version numbers right now. And now I know why I hate the Windows version so much that I've been using — assuming the Windows is now on version 10 and is a lot different. After my current deadlines wrap up and I have some breathing room I am going to try out the newest mac version and probably come back here to complain about something new.
  9. LMFAO... Maybe they can fix the "check for updates" button which always brings this up... I was wondering why the windows version is so much different. I am almost afraid to try the newest one but I will. Even my newest macbook that's less than a year old is running the same version. So I am adding "letting users know there's a new version out there" as a bug.
  10. I am using 7.14 and it still exists. It has existed for YEARS and still gives me problems. I am sure it will exist in version 234922.344432 because they never fix ANYTHING with this app. I have random notes all the time where you can no longer right-click and "annotate this image" anymore. It won't show up in the menu. But then I can start a new note or go to another note and it works just fine.
  11. I just ran into this issue again today. This app is such a miserable pile of trash. I can't count the number of bugs people have been reporting for 10+ years in these message boards that still exist.
  12. I am pretty sure you file it here, and then sit back and wait as they ignore everyone who has the same problem for the next 10 years. That seems to be the case any time I am having an Evernote issue. You are pretty much stuck having to find a workaround yourself.
  13. When you create a new notebook in a stack which has a shortcut in the left navigation, the shortcut won't update to reflect that change unless you quit and restart the application. Just throwing another bug I found in the mix so 10 years from now we can find out how many other people experience the same thing, and how Evernote doesn't care.
  14. I captured and pasted every image in this note exactly the same way. On half of them there's no possible way to see "annotate image" — it just doesn't show up in any menus. On the other half of the images, you can right-click on them and annotate them just like you're supposed to be able to. Figured I'd open a thread so people can complain for 10 years while it doesn't get fixed.
  15. Just more garbage from this ever increasingly terrible app... Today I have a note in the mac application with a bunch of screenshot images and now I am finding that "annotate image" no longer appears when right clicking on half of the images in this note file — but if I close the note, come back to it SOMETIMES I can select annotate and then I can right-click again and that option is no longer available. So I guess the ability to draw a friggin arrow on a screenshot is something I have to once again do in Photoshop? Combined with the fact the web application keeps deleting updates
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