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  1. @DTLow , Thanks, your guidance worked for me, Best to you, p.s. ... just set some time aside,
  2. @DTLow Thank you for reading and the guidance shared, ... I will try re-indexing my database, if anyone else passes this way, remember the bit about setting lots of time aside for your Mac to be locked into re-indexing, Best,
  3. (I originally posted this here, but would like to publicize it further, ... I am cautious with E because underneath my concerns I still suspect it is the best notetaking app, ... So I want to be part of the community that is trying to steer improvements) The E search function (Mac Desktop) is not working for me. I have been using E since 2009, database is 55GB and I am using Version 6.13.3 (455969 Direct) Editor: 1.30.3433 (fec246b), I have slowly transitioned to not relying on my Desktop E installation and using the Chrome E app and Simplenote (for text only notes),
  4. The E search function is not working for me. I have been using E since 2009, database is 55GB and I am using Version 6.13.3 (455969 Direct) Editor: 1.30.3433 (fec246b), I have slowly transitioned to not relying on my Desktop E installation and using the Chrome E app and Simplenote, I have done quite a few re-installs to no avail, Compare the attached images, searching for: "The Last" Poetry, I use E for my teaching and publish via postach.io; E is a component of my workflow but I would now very much like to start reviewing strategies for changing my workflow, dropping
  5. This is the right guidance, I had to let E reindex for about 6+ hours, only major App open on my Mac connected to an Ethernet line, ... Now E Version 6.13.1 (455785 Direct) is running smoothly, Day4, Thanks,
  6. ... The Helper works fine if I have the local iteration of E open (Mac User), I had transitioned to Browser only because I was unhappy with the number of hangs while syncing,
  7. I am seeing the same behaviour. When you save that note to E is it always saving to E, I am seeing some pretty consistent failures upon attempted saves, Best,
  8. Thank you DTLow, I saw that but refrained from trying it out, as of today I am not getting Hangs with the latest Beta, this situation is a rarity ... Grrr, it crossed my thoughts that I might have success with customizing the theme of version 6.10 GA, so going to dive in, thank you again,
  9. Ten days on with Version 6.10 Beta 3 (454241 Direct), and it is running smoothly !!!
  10. Thanks for replying; I am in the same boat, it is good to know I am not alone on those days, On Tuesday Evernote hanging burnt most of my plans, yesterday the efficiency of the Tag system saved my skin, C'est la vie, Moved on to Beta 3, and I am currently not seeing the same frequency of hangs, notes are loading quickly in the viewing pane, including media heavy notes,
  11. Reflections on the Rebuild, So I have another recommendation to Rebuild the Evernote Database after submitting a ticket for E frequently freezing, showing only the Title of a Note and not the contents. The RAM footprint is in the 10+ GB range. I keep Activity Monitor open if E is open to shut E in such situations. I am running: Mac, 10.10.5 Evernote, 6.10 Beta 2 (454143 Direct) 44 GB Database E is at the center of my workflow, I teach and use it to host all content via direct links to E notes or via postach.io. Also, all my research and notes. I thought it remote
  12. All done. Thank you JMichaelTX for being so present. I had deleted a database folder -one of the numbered folders - and placed it in the Trash (MAC), for some reason upon emptying Trash, an alert warned me that the folder was still in use by Evernote (E). I could only delete said folder with E closed, otherwise the alerts. At present, the rebuild has completed and I am running E 6.6 (Mac); the new Tag filter feature is a winner. The Note Conflicts (Eight) I saw in the Crash Reports upon failure to Sync, did not produce a copy of the note with "Conflict" in the title - an event I have
  13. Glitch, Empty Trash is running in the background it is now reporting that 787960 - the 43 GB EN database - is in use skipping, continuing the Empty Trash, I will let it complete and try to figure out why EN is still using the trashed database or it maybe one of my plugins, ... If you have any speculations send word, Thanks, Best,
  14. I was under a little pressure to get Evernote on my Mac working again, I use EN (MAC) as my resource for all my teaching materials, so this evening I gave up reviewing the crash logs and deleting notes that produced a Sync error, I spotted 8 that I had not detected on running EN, the Crash reported a note conflict identifying them. I followed the instructions provided by JMichaelTX and EN (Matt W,) on rebuilding one's database. Prior to the build I re-installed EN, I maintain a backup of the EN database via Carbon Copy Cloner - daily, nearly -, so I went ahead and deleted the number
  15. Has anyone ever obtained a good response from E on why a rebuild is necessary? I have always disliked the potential sustainability issues with solving a database issue with "rebuild your [] database," why the whole database? I have turned to this uncertainty with E because of course I am about to rebuild a 43 GB database, something went wrong Sunday evening, one or more notes are causing an error (s), and I can no longer Sync. I have reached the point where I distinctly want to know what is wrong with the database and why a rebuild is required and not an intervention. Deleting the possible do
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