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  1. Has anyone reported this problem to EVN tech support? I do not think I am the first to note it in this forum. It is a universal problem for all Mac/Firefox users. Has tech support given feedback to anyone?
  2. I am having problems when linking EV to Swipes. It causes Swipes on iPhone and iPad to freeze. The only solution is to NOT link EV to Swipes. Anyway, I have been trying to contact Swipes re this problem, but am having no luck: 1) Using the Swipes Mac app (which is unaffected by the problem), I left a message to the Support Team (Setting > Support > New Conversation). Nothing. 2) There is (or was) a Swipes spokesman on this forum (Mitko from Swipes: https://discussion.evernote.com/profile/247356-mitko-from-swipes/ ), but he hasn't been active since last June. 3) The Swipes website does not show any way to contact them for support. I also cannot find a Swipes user forum. I even clicked on their "We're Hiring!" button, but got nowhere. 4) I went back to iTunes, where I first got Swipes. If you go to Customer Reviews you can see two buttons above the first review. One of them says "App Support". But that link just takes you to the main Swipes website (see above). Suggestions?
  3. Sorry, I forgot to say that I did export the Local notebook to ENEX, then deleted and reinstalled EN.
  4. GOT IT! Restored from Time Machine the Top Level Folder from the day before the crash, and everything is there. Also reinstalled the latest version of En from the EN website. It syncs with EN-Web. Seems to behaving nominally. I tried to heed the suggestion from both of you to do this with the internet off. While I had to have the network running to retrieve files from Time Machine. I did pull the internet plug while restoring the Top Level Folder to its Library location. I am very grateful to the two of you for your assistance, especially in encouraging me to do a restore. Now, if I could only figure out why EN-Mac crashed in the first place.
  5. Thanks again to both of you. I'm thinking there won't be a simple solution here. WITHOUT a lost Local notebook involved, the procedure is simple, as outlined in the docs both of you sent me. However, locating and recovering those lost notes from the Local notebook is the real challenge. I see that I'm dealing with SQL files, so that scares me even more, being ignorant of same. I took a look at the files in the current EN Data Folder in my Library. Then I took a look at the same files in Time Machine that are from one day before the crash. The size of older "LocalNoteStore.sqlite" file is much larger than the the current, which leads me to believe that my Local notes are there. HOWEVER, there are several other EN files also updated on that date, and I do not know which are important for a complete recovery of my Local data. As I do not want to muck things up even further, I have not touched the current files, and I'm stuck using EN, without 2000 Local notes, on the web, on my iPad, and on my iPhone. EN Support says they have kicked my problem ticket to their Technical Support Team, so we'll see what happens.
  6. Thanks for the responses. JMichael: Stuhrer is right: dead link. I have searched every place I would think the data files might be located: Documents, Library, App Folder, even the Trash, Does anyone know the usual location of EN data files? ALSO, since I use Time Machine to backup my Mac to an external drive, I'm thinking I can retrieve a day-old copy of the Local notebook. BUT I need to know where it is usually kept.
  7. Running EN v6.3 (downloaded from website) on iMac with OS 10.10.5. Premium member. My EN db on my Mac got blown away (or something). I have one Local notebook with almost 2000 records. ALL notebooks, including my local notebook, disappeared from EN-Mac. All notes and notebooks (except, of course, the local notebook) are in EN-web. I contacted Evernote support. Today a Brian S. emailed me back and sent me to the document "How to back up (export) and restore (import) notes and notebooks". However, I remain confused about my next step. The document says this: ___________________ To rebuild your Evernote for Mac database, follow these steps: Export unsynced notes and/or local notebooks (if you have any): Select all unsynced notes, or each local notebook, then right-click and select Export No≠.. __________________ MY IMMEDIATE QUESTION: Where is the local notebook file/folder supposed to be on my Mac? It does not appear in my now empty EN-Mac. How can I export it if I cannot find it? I've also sent this message to Brian S. Let's see who comes back faster with the best answer.
  8. Hope you Dolphin folks are still tracking this thread. On my iPad3 (latest iOS & Dolphin versions) the link to Evernote does not work. Every time I try I get Dolphin's message that it can't find my EV Notebooks or Tags. I wind up using email to EV, instead.
  9. Reinstalling did the trick: remove current copy, then install new. As for the beta you suggested, that appears to be for Windows only, and I'm on a Mac. Thanks!
  10. (Bump) I will try to reinstall. Should I delete anything, or just install over what is there? A reply will be welcomed.
  11. When clipping, if I use the "Save Full Page" option, is WC saving an html copy of the page to my local drive? I often want to keep pages as they look (and exist) at the time I saved them, rather have a live link to the internet that constantly updates what appears in the EN note. Is the copy saved in the EN note analogous, identical, or superior to the web archive file format in Safari for saving a page to disk (File > Save As... > Web Archive)? I note that Web Archive format files do not display in an EN note, but must be opened in Safari.
  12. Web Clipper seems to be malfunctioning in Firefox. It works nominally in Safari, which I installed at the same time. Attached are the two successive windows I get when invoking Web Clipper in Firefox. The first is an EN sign in, which I get every time in Firefox. In Safari the sign-in window appeared just one time, and now it keeps me signed in. The second is a totally blank rectangle. Nothing else happens Suggestions?
  13. Web Clipper works in Safari, but it seems to be malfunctioning in Firefox. Attached are the two successive windows I get when invoking Web Clipper in Firefox. The first is an EN sign in, which I get every time. The second is a totally blank rectangle. Suggestions?
  14. "- Check your options page for what setting you have on 'Send clips to'1) Evernote Web or 2) Desktop client." I assume the options page is in Firefox(Mac), but where is it? OS 10.8.2 Firefox v16.0.2 Webclipper version: latest (just downloaded and installed for first time for Firefox) Options? Where?
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