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  1. I've tried everything but couldn't find a way to implement it in Evernote. They have forbid inline links. Sorry.
  2. Fixed by directly hacking the SDK code. Thought the official v1.25.8 still doesn't work.
  3. I've investigated the problem. The API is not down however it is no longer compatible with JavaScript SDK v1.25.8. There must have been some changes in Evernote backend. Please check.
  4. Hi, I've received many feedbacks that my app Marxico doesn't work because Evernote API is down. Please fix ASAP!
  5. Hi, The newest iOS client makes a hidden element visible if it contains a escaped unicode character. Marxico uses a hidden element to store the escaped Markdown source, so this makes everything horrible. Please fix this. The demo is listed below. test2.enex
  6. ? I think you misunderstand my feedback. It has nothing to do with read only or search. The note body has a table but it is blank in Evernote Windows and iOS. It is normal in web.
  7. Note with <table> element will be blank with 'Start writing' when opened in the latest Evernote iOS and Windows. The demo note is listed below. Please fix this bug. table.enex
  8. Hi there, I cannot change the color of the bullets or the numbers of a list in Evernote. Please fix this. Bests, gock
  9. @TattedTech This is a bug introduced by latest Evernote client. It should look fine on the Evernote Web. I'll try to fix this.
  10. I'm still working on the new version. I'm afraid full-text search would be hard. Have you tried @(demo notebook)[tag1,tag2] to group documents?
  11. Hi, I'm the author of Marxico, an Markdown editor for Evernote.Marxico saves Markdown source in Evernote by appending non-visible element <center style='display:none'> after the rendered HTML content. However the newest version of Evernote breaks this, the non-visible element will be showed. I guess it strips the inline style? Please take a look. I have so many users complaining about this bug. Bests, gock test.enex
  12. It works on my client. Did you add other CSS? Try to add !important to the rule.
  13. Sorry that I didn't read and respond the forum feedback in time. Marxico is definitely running and supported well. Usually if Marxico gone down because of any network or server problem, I would receive many feedback emails immediately and I'll fix it ASAP. This time I didn't get any and it worked fine in my place. So I guess it was a CDN problem, which only affected part of users. Turns out it was my AWS account suspended because of my credit card expired. I'm fixing this and it should be working soon.
  14. Thanks for sharing your practice. It is good to hear that Marxico helps you a lot on Android. Marxico won't charge extra except annual Pro fee.
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