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  1. I've tried everything but couldn't find a way to implement it in Evernote. They have forbid inline links. Sorry.
  2. @TattedTech This is a bug introduced by latest Evernote client. It should look fine on the Evernote Web. I'll try to fix this.
  3. I'm still working on the new version. I'm afraid full-text search would be hard. Have you tried @(demo notebook)[tag1,tag2] to group documents?
  4. It works on my client. Did you add other CSS? Try to add !important to the rule.
  5. Sorry that I didn't read and respond the forum feedback in time. Marxico is definitely running and supported well. Usually if Marxico gone down because of any network or server problem, I would receive many feedback emails immediately and I'll fix it ASAP. This time I didn't get any and it worked fine in my place. So I guess it was a CDN problem, which only affected part of users. Turns out it was my AWS account suspended because of my credit card expired. I'm fixing this and it should be working soon.
  6. Thanks for sharing your practice. It is good to hear that Marxico helps you a lot on Android. Marxico won't charge extra except annual Pro fee.
  7. Thanks for your feedback. 1. Not now. I'll make the editor window memorize its last state in the next version. 2. I'm afraid you can't. I'll investigate whether Marxico can support this feature.
  8. Thanks for your feedback. OK, I'll try to add custom shortcuts. This will solve your problem.
  9. I used to try to add language name on the top of the block. But it didn't look well. You may add the language info as comment in the code block. I'll try to implement code block auto-pairing. If you have further questions or advise, I recommend you contact me with email hustgock@gmail.com.
  10. In your occasion, I think you should use table. Press Cmd+Opt+T or Ctrl+Alt+T to insert one. If you have any more questions, please email me hustgock@gmail.com or send me private message.
  11. Try <div style='-webkit-column-count:2;width:100px'>test1 test2 test3 test4</div>
  12. You can disable readonly in the 'Settings'. However Marxico can't read back your modifications. So it's only for temporary fix. Existing notes need to be synced again to be writeable.
  13. Hi Gock I would like to know what is the status of the export feature .. For me it's important to be be able to export all the stored markdown code as separated .md files in the case of browser internal failure or sync issues .. Are you still working on it ? And is marxico still in dev ? anyway marxico is undoubtedly a good 3d party app .. Of course Marxico is still in dev. I'm implementing new text editor and whole new data structure of Marxico, which will enable you to separate the source md with exported HTML, and support directly modifying in Evernote. It is a huge work. So please be patient. Sorry for that. Sometimes I need to do some tradeoff. You still need export md attachment to modify when offline? What if you can modify notes in Marxico when offline? I know the spellcheck on client sucks. However there's little I can do because of some mechanism. Anyway, I'll keep trying. I need a way to backup the notes as Markdown file (.md) with attachments locally just in the case . Editing the notes when offline is also a wanted feature since I'm not always connected to the net. Furthermore I would like to know if you're still developing the product since it's great and I'm using it daily but there was no update since some months or did I miss some ? Any news about this new editor and the new data structure ? If you want a feature to export a note as .md file with attachments, there's already one in the right side menu. Though it can only process one note per time. Of course I'm still developing Marxico. The last two months I was mainly focusing on the whole new version, which will host content itself and sync to multi services more than Evernote. For Evernote part, you will be able to directly write and modify Markdown source in Evernote. However it is a long way to go. Meanwhile I'll keep the current one better. There will be a new version soon includes features like offline editing, code block line number and bugs fix.
  14. Sorry for the late response. 1. I know the spellcheck on client sucks. However there's little I can do because of some mechanism. Anyway, I'll keep trying. 2. I'm using a third part library for the flow chart. I'll see whether I can hack it.
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