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  1. I just use https://github.com/mileswd/mac2imgur now. It works great, straight to imgur, local storage in a folder you choose.
  2. https://puush.me/is working OK at the moment, although the screen select hotkey doesn't appear to automatically upload, i've contacted the developer. let me know what else you find.
  3. I don't even understand why you'd remove this. The webservers clearly support it as you can just load the note URL then click the image and you get the direct URL anyway. It's just forced advertising to make sure people know we're using skitch. But I use this for documentation, not to paste stuff to others. Such a shame, bye skitch.
  4. Shared URLs are now forcing the browser to download the image instead of display them. Example link: http://note.io/1JgwZbP Network tab of browser shows: Content-Disposition:attachment; filename="skitch.png"How can we get this fixed? the purpose of skitch is to show people images, not force them to download it.
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