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  1. Jackolicious

    Evernote for Mac 6.2 Released

    There will be one coming in the next release
  2. Jackolicious

    Evernote for Mac 6.2 Released

    Cmd-Z works to stop text shortcuts. Also, there is a preference in the formatting tab of the preferences.
  3. Jackolicious

    firefox Firefox Web Clipper 6.1

    It appears Mozilla pulled our 6.1 version. We'll report when we hear from them. Thank you for your patience!
  4. Jackolicious

    mac evernote:// internal links gone?

    Please send me a public link to your notes or send me an ENEX. Notes links pasted inside of Evernote should not open in a browser.
  5. Jackolicious

    mac Evernote for Mac 6: Design Feedback

    We still read the forums Parham
  6. That is correct. However, new notes should not suffer from this insertion of non-breaking spaces. Is anyone seeing this behavior when pasting content into 6.1.1?
  7. Jackolicious

    'How to' webpage has typo

    Thanks for the heads up. We'll get it fixed!
  8. jstnlngls, could you PM me a public link to a note that exhibits this behavior?
  9. Jackolicious

    mac REQUEST: Narrower window

    This issue is in progress. Stay tuned and keep your clients up to date!
  10. If anyone has a public link to a note (that they wouldn't mind sharing) with a table that breaks when editing, please PM me.
  11. Jackolicious

    Evernote for Mac 6.1 Released

    riques, thank you for submitting reports and providing repro steps for your crash. We're actively looking into it. Thanks for testing us on El Cap!
  12. Great find terraunbound! We're on it.
  13. Hi Derek, please try our latest windows beta. This issue should be resolved there!
  14. Jackolicious

    Typing become slow in just a few minutes

    This is great feedback. Thanks everyone! We're definitely looking into it!
  15. woodtang, do you have a note you could share with us? If so, please PM me a public link directly.