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  1. It appears Mozilla pulled our 6.1 version. We'll report when we hear from them. Thank you for your patience!
  2. That is correct. However, new notes should not suffer from this insertion of non-breaking spaces. Is anyone seeing this behavior when pasting content into 6.1.1?
  3. This issue is in progress. Stay tuned and keep your clients up to date!
  4. This is great feedback. Thanks everyone! We're definitely looking into it!
  5. woodtang, do you have a note you could share with us? If so, please PM me a public link directly.
  6. Can anyone confirm that a full reinstall (including wiping the local database) will fix this issue?
  7. In 6.0.14+ we have added a lot of copy/paste fixes. Please let us know how it goes. If you have issues, please report the version(s) of software that we're not interacting well with.
  8. When posting here, please describe your setup. Year, OS, RAM, ideally hard drive type.
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