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  1. Yes he made it work but it does not work very well - i am a swedish user meaning i sometimes recives emails with swedish characters. This emails does not get properly encoded (some times) unreadable This is a clip from the veritrope site regarding the downside. The script isn’t great at dealing with HTML-encoded emails encoded in non-English character sets. I’m looking for ways to improve this but, if you’re one of the people affected, you can use the switch at the beginning of the script to turn off HTML support and process everything as plaintext.
  2. Hi Evernote and all users in this thread. I wants to add some ideas regarding the mail integration. First i want to say that the possibility to mail to Evernote is great but it has two major drawbacks. 1. It is not working when you are offline. 2. You can tag but only in a very simple way in the subject line. This is very cumbersome if you are spelling your tags different (gives you many tags that means the same thing). The way you have solved this in the web clipper is perfect. (a side note, i am using clipper to add documents and it would be perfect if you could add the same tagging fu
  3. Hi Evernote! I am a premium user that is using OSX as operating system. The last 3 years the exchange support in OSX Mail is usable and heavily used at least in the nordic countries. It is about time that you invest in a plugin that lets us in a easy and supported way insert mails into Evernote. I have tested all suggested methods here in the forum and none is as effective and stabile as the plugin to windows version outlook. It is NOT a solution that is worth Evernote's brand and reputation to email a email that you already have on the computer. What we need is: A plugin with a short
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