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  1. does anyone know a workaround using some kind of script or quicksilver or anything? right click on selected note still allows "open in separate window"
  2. I'd go ahead and request this in a "object attribute" fashion rather than "per app" setting. Would be great for me to have a given attachment/image appearing as icon instead of preview across all Evernote clients once I define that in mac for example. What you think?
  3. Do we have any news in this regard? I only use Evernote windows at work and messing w the registry is a big no-no in corp environment. My workflow involves taking several pictures from my moleskine and adding todo's related to them, it becomes a very large (in terms of how vertically long it gets) that's quite cumbersome to scroll through/organize yourself. Would be great to be able to select all messages, right click -> show as icons, this would allow me to double click and focus on any given note at a time while easily having a bird's eye view of all the content. I'm not sure how hard it
  4. helps a lot Scott, thanks for your time and attention. I hope we have classic links as a menu option soon, keyboard shortcuts would indeed solve most of the issues and seems to be the easiest, most configurable way to go.
  5. a few questions here, I'm a bit late to this bandwagon and I also submitted a ticket to better understand when this new setting arose. (sorry if I'm being repetitive) 1) have we ever proposed or heard of this preference being treated on a " default " level? What I mean is allowing the user to select traditional/web links as a default rather than something dependent on a modifier key. 2) what are the pro's and con's of using one or another link option? I don't see any instant benefits of the recent change (maybe opening the links from some other app? if that's the case, that seems a more nich
  6. I'm glad I found this one. I hope a tag viewer is on the way. This could also turn out in an *amazing* ipad app
  7. if you have Clearly installed and wants this ability in Firefox, a nice work-around is ctrl+cmd+arrow up. Instantly pulls up clearly view and uploads to Evernote.
  8. Hey guys, any idea on something similar for the OS X? I'm using http://www.deskintheclouds.com/home/ as a pinned tab for something similar (highlight some specific notes on an isolated space/window) but it's definitely not what I most want. This windows app seems exactly what I need...
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