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  1. Your reply in a thread about the gaps in clipping from Facebook threads caught my eye. I am doing a lot of things outside of evernote in the custom API world as I have found some success in custom databases leveraging podio instead of a standard CRM. That being said - Evernote is the backbone of my resource collection / access and ties into everything I, clients, and many others do on a daily basis. 

    I am learning to code - but also reaching out to people that seem to understand the game of problem/solution/market - and would love to at least open up a dialogue on what problems you are currently solving and what areas you are most interested in. 

  2. Hello jbignert, can you please tell me how to undo - remove formatting; i clicked it without knowing what it does; now all my highlighted text is gone . please help

  3. There are 2 separate settings for Related results. 1) Related results - show related results when you search the web = this controls the widget on Google search pages. 2) After clip - 3 options on how the dialog displays. Pick the one without Related results. URL is always saved as note data. Different Evernote clients show the URL in different places. Hope that helps.
  4. You should try installing version 6.1 available here https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/evernote-web-clipper/versions/that should take care of the problem.
  5. Bug fixes to Outlook Clipper are coming in the next Windows update. I'll post back here once it gets available as a beta update.
  6. Thx LAX for the report. We're investigating this, I'll report back here when we have more info.
  7. Latest Chrome stable fixes the issue. Check for updates and make sure yo get 45.0.2454.93 or higher.
  8. Hi all, This is a bug in Chrome 45 (stable channel) and 46 (beta channel). Here's the bug report on their side: https://code.google....etail?id=520303. According to the report, it is already fixed in Chrome 47 (canary channel) and will be available in 46 tomorrow (September 9). No word yet on when it will be available in 45. Unfortunately we cannot fix this client side so affected users will have to wait until Chrome pushes out an update. Here's what we know: The reason why it’s not always reproducible is because it depends on how you spawn the second tab - If you just right-click a link a
  9. We're investigating this issue, it happens to some user but not all. Appears it happens in Chrome 45,46 but not in 47 (canary). If anyone who experiences this issue tests in Chrome 47 (canary) we'd like to know the results. We hope we can find a client side fix and push out an update that resolves it.
  10. Not yet I'm afraid. In our testing it behaves normally on the sample pages you posted.
  11. Thx, I can see the problem now. Investigating a fix.
  12. @tigre1852 No we are not ignoring this. We've made changes to mitigate people seeing popups too often, most recently in version 6.6 of the Web Clipper. It's great if you can mention what popup you are referring to and what versions you are running.
  13. @kingtong Trying to reproduce your steps. Do you have a sample site where a link opens a new popup with content that then opens a new tab in the main / spawning window?
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