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  1. My workaround for this issue - I added Evernote to the "Open With" options for Windows. Now, when I have a PDF open in the browser, I click on the Download icon in the viewer window, and select Open With > Evernote. The PDF then opens in Evernote desktop.
  2. I gave up on this ever working. When I contacted support, I was essentially told that this only works with a clean install of Firefox. i.e. no add-ons installed. They wanted me to uninstall all add-ons and lose all the associated settings. I decided that having the clipper wasn't worth it.
  3. Any follow up to this issue? Still unable to clip PDF within the Firefox browser
  4. Thank you for your fast response. PM sent.
  5. Plug-in is enabled. Updated to V 6.1 Still doesn't work.
  6. It actually occurs when viewing any PDF within the browser. I've tried multiple sites but here's one from today http://www.sec.gov/comments/s7-07-13/s70713-1559.pdf
  7. I am unable to clip a PDF file when viewing it in Firefox. I doesnt matter if I select, Clip, Bookmark, or Screenshot. Nothing happens when I click Save. Tried sending to both Web and Desktop versions of Evernote. Tried disabling Webroot since it has interfered with other programs in the past. I do use NoScript but I allowed all scripts to run on that page. Uninstalled and re-installed Clipper. I cant think of anything else to try. Clipper seems to work fine with 'normal' web pages for me. Just something with the PDF files. I was hoping to save the time of downloading them and then moving to Evernote. Using Windows 7 and Firefox 38.0.5 Thanks for the assistance.
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