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  1. While I'm browsing job sites and saving postings using the Web Clipper, it doesn't always update the Simplified version of the page. It will often continue to load only the first thing I saved on the respective website. Steps to reproduce this issue are: 1. Browse to https://jobs.apple.com/us/search 2. Click a job listing. 3. Launch the Web Clipper using the browser extension. 4. Select "Simplified Article" option, review the content, save the clipping. 5. Select another job listing. 6. Repeat step 4, observe simplified article is not updated, save the clipping. 7. Review web clippings in Evernote desktop app, observe two duplicate entries. Results: Evernote Desktop app show two of the same simplified web clippings. Other notes: Appears to occur in every browser, testing and reproduced in Safari and Chrome. ---------- Is there any idea when there will be a fix for this? It's been like this for at least a year or two? I think since the Simplified Article feature was introduced.
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