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  1. YOU BEAUTIFUL HUMAN BEING ! THANK YOU FOR SAVING ME 20 HOURS ! I am sending you a big bear hug !
  2. This is something that Srivener has and it is outstanding, especially for the millions that use Evernote for their academic research. You have to integrate the feature of adding a post-it within the note (like on the side or something, to stick out). I used the ''code block'' before and would use different fonts when I wanted to make a reminder or like a footnote, but then you guys ruined it by allowing only that one typeface within the code block and it sucks. You have to integrate the post-it option, like a pad fro mthe side. This would be so helpful. otherwise we have to use different fonts and bold our sentences, which destroys the legibility. Come on developers, work it out for the academics,please.
  3. HUGE ISSUES WITH DATA LOSS. I am writing a ntoe and it just says ''There was an issue, reload please'' ,and my data is lost. I am loosing my temper and I will probably stop using premium and evernote altogether. FIX THIS!
  4. I AM ALSO HAVING THIS FREAKING DATA LOSS, WTF GUys I am working on a research , I want the old version. this one sucks ! You are ruining my day. This is so slow. worst upgrade ever fiucjk
  5. To improve organisation in the Evernote we need sticky notes. Many of us use Evernote for research and PhDs and this is crucial. I am tlaking about Windows/Mac version, not mobile. Please do that. Scrivener already has it and it is delightful
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