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  1. I agree. It makes tag data entry so much faster. I would think the core algorithms are already there with the search functionality.
  2. I miss not being able to have a shorter note list with more attributes but wider views of notes.
  3. I'd like to see the tag input mechanism found on Android and iOS be used on all platforms where the text entered acts as "contained within" search criteria. For example, if I have a tag labeled "Priority:Critical" and I enter "crit" in the tag data entry field, I'd like to see "Priority:Critical" appear as a choice (along with any other tag that has "crit" embedded in its label.
  4. I'd like to be able to export any note listing as a table for importing into external applications such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  5. I'd like to execute a sort on a note listing by clicking on a column heading with the first click either ascending or descending with a follow up click going in the opposite direction.
  6. I'd like to see all note attributes available as a column choice. For example, I'd like to see Reminder date/time as a column choice.
  7. It was my intention to post this where Evernote was accepting ideas for future feature/functions. Seeing that it was divided into platforms with no overarching area that was independent of platform, I posted it in the Web Client area. My apologies if the post was placed in the wrong area. -DVOllc
  8. One of the Evernote's strengths against its competition (e.g. OneNote) is search. Yet, I find the UI associated with the search capabilities to be limited...constraining...hidden...inconsistent across platforms. Accessing advance searches should not be primarily from knowing the Evernote search syntax. On my Mac, hiding the search "builder" as an unobtrusive button after clicking on the Search field makes no sense to me. Having an easy to use search builder that is front and center is something I eagerly raise my hand for. And this request is platform independent. Evernote go
  9. Hello. I would like to see a more consistent UI across all the platforms. I use Evernote across all the platforms and I am disappointed that there is a learning curve for each. While I understand there may be constraints and potential for extra features across the platforms, I see value in having more consistency in terms of layout and common feature/functions available across the platforms. Thank you for the opportunity to voice my opinion. -DVOllc
  10. DTLow: Thank you. I must admit that I was ignorant of Work Chat. Now that I am not, I see the attempts to share showing up in the chat window. However, the turnaround time is slow to say the least. And now I need to learn the rules...ie - I see I can share a note from an unshared notebook. Thanks for shedding some light on my situation. gazumped: Thank you. One of the accounts was indeed a new one. And I was trying to share immediately after creating the new account. Now that the grace period (so to speak is over) I am seeing the sharing transactions through the Work Chat window.
  11. I am confused as to why I am unable to share either a notebook or a note with another person. I'd appreciate any insight. There are two free accounts. One on Mac. Another on Windows. (Although the symptom is also on the web.). The Mac account is linked to a Live email account. The Windows uses Gmail. (if this matters.). I create a notebook, right click on the notebook name, click on Share, enter the Gmail account, and nothing on the Gmail account end. I create a note, right click on the note, click on Share, enter the Gmail account, and nothing on the Gmail account end. Shoul
  12. Thank you for the post as I would greatly benefit with a Tag sort option. In addition, I'd like to add to the request and ask DTLow a question. I often apply multiple tags to a note. In the GTD world, I add at least two. One tag for the note's category and another tag for its priority. Therefore, not only would l like to be able to sort notes as defined by jfkaess but also like to have a multi-level sort and multi-tag sort ability. To DTLow...how do you deal with multiple tags with your workaround? Do you enter the tag to sort as always the first tag you enter? -David
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