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  1. It's been over a week since 10.9 has been announced as released. Yet, I don't have it available for downloading from the App Store. Please make it available. Thank you. -DaverDee
  2. What is the typical turnaround time between an update announcement and App Store availability? I use EN on my Mac. There was a new version announced on Wed. As of today (Tues), I don't see it from the Mac App Store. How long does it take for the update to be available after the announcement?
  3. Hello jvmatl. Is there a reason why you can't leverage macOS' screen capture? While I run macOS Big Sur, I believe the Shift-CMD-4 combo worked in Catalina too.
  4. My request assumes a list is created by multiple notes. I am wondering if the EN product managers and the EN user population disagrees with the assumption because when I look at the EN templates provided (Weekly Planner and To-Do specifically), they are lists using one note. To me, the power of EN comes from the organization of multiple notes. Each note can have its own combination of tags. A list comprising of multiple notes allows me to look at the multiple notes from different perspectives. Having a list comprising of one note means each item in the list has the same tags. There is no way to relate an item on the single note list with information on other notes. I find this extremely limiting and ignores the flexibility offered with multiple note based lists. Currently, in following the multiple note list approach, I use saved searches as my means of creating lists. The issue I have and as pointed out in my feature request, is that all saved search output have the same columns and sort structure. Having the saved search include the column and sort definitions greatly enhances what saved searches produce. Do you see my point? Or, is it just too easy to use one note to create a list vs the trouble of having to create the saved searches? Thanks for the opportunity to post.
  5. I’d like the ability to have multi-level sort capability by tag for note lists. The beauty of tags is the one-to-many relationship that can be established between a note and a tag. I take advantage of this ability including nesting tags. In my use case of an Evernote implementation for GTD, I have a set of Priority tags and Action tags. My Priority tags are: Priority Priority:Critical Priority:Important Priority:Nice to have My Action tags are: Action Action:Read Action:Listen Action:Watch Action:Followup Valuable lists can be produced with Priority as the first level sort and Action the second level. Another valuable list can be produced with the opposite - Action as the first level sort followed by Priority as the second level. This is only one use case. Given that there will be numerous tags used with a note, presenting a list of all tags to define the multi-level sort makes my ask universal.
  6. Let me further describe what I am requesting as I don't think I was clear... Evernote’s output is a list of notes. From all the notes, one can filter using either the query language or the UI. The list structure is defined by a set of columns and a sort by one of those columns. There is one structure definition for all lists. You can change the structure definition by adding/removing columns and you can change the sort. However, the changes are then applied for all lists. When a list is saved, it is called a Saved Search as the filter is saved in some entity for future use. When a Saved Search is re-opened, the filter is applied - along with the current columns/sort defined for all lists. I am requesting the columns and sort to be saved along with the filter when creating a Saved Search.
  7. Currently (as I understand it), there is one set of column and sort attributes for all views. I leverage saved searches to help me with my GTD implementation with Evernote. It would be of high value to have each saved search hold onto the columns and sorting I defined for that view.
  8. The list of notes do not automatically reflect changes to note attributes (title, tag, etc). The only way I see changes reflected in the list is by manually regenerating the list. The consequence of the current state is when I am updating a number of notes from the list, I lose track of what changes I made to what notes. Having the list automatically reflect the latest changes ensures I know which notes I've updated.
  9. I agree. It makes tag data entry so much faster. I would think the core algorithms are already there with the search functionality.
  10. I miss not being able to have a shorter note list with more attributes but wider views of notes.
  11. I'd like to see the tag input mechanism found on Android and iOS be used on all platforms where the text entered acts as "contained within" search criteria. For example, if I have a tag labeled "Priority:Critical" and I enter "crit" in the tag data entry field, I'd like to see "Priority:Critical" appear as a choice (along with any other tag that has "crit" embedded in its label.
  12. I'd like to be able to export any note listing as a table for importing into external applications such as Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
  13. I'd like to execute a sort on a note listing by clicking on a column heading with the first click either ascending or descending with a follow up click going in the opposite direction.
  14. I'd like to see all note attributes available as a column choice. For example, I'd like to see Reminder date/time as a column choice.
  15. It was my intention to post this where Evernote was accepting ideas for future feature/functions. Seeing that it was divided into platforms with no overarching area that was independent of platform, I posted it in the Web Client area. My apologies if the post was placed in the wrong area. -DVOllc
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