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  1. I have the new iPad Pro with Apple Pencil Gen 2. I’m keen to create handwritten notes. There are two things that are important to me:

    1) Transcribing my chickenscratches into text

    2) Integrating those notes into Evernote for viewing and archiving

    DTLow, based on these latest hardware technologies and what’s available on the market, what do you think amongst: Nebo, Notability, GoodNotes, Penultimate, and — dare I say it — OneNote?

    Thanks, appreciate your insights.


    1. DTLow


      Notability is my app choice.  GoodNotes also does the job.

      There's no integration with Evernote but its easy to use IOS share to send the documents to Evernote.  I use pdf format and/or the native file format.

    2. billpetro


      I’ve seen your answer in several other threads. 


      - Is the transcribing feature you mention in Notability now public, or still beta?

      - I suspect you’ve used GoodNotes, why do you find Notability superior?

      - Have you used the latest NoteShelf 2, and how do you think it compares? Looks like it has better Evernote integration/syncing. 


      Thanks in advance. 

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