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  1. I like the idea of adding Nebo handwriting recognition: it is the text-transcription for virtually all the iPad handwriting apps. I use Noteshelf because it is automatically imported into Evernote, but it can then no longer be edited in Evernote. Penultimate was a great idea in its time, but no further work has been put into it, and the industry has moved forward. I’d pay extra for this feature.
  2. Many of the leading handwriting apps use Nebo's underlying technology MyScript. While the Nebo app is not as feature-rich as some of the others -- GoodNotes, Notability, Noteshelf 2 (my personal favorite because it automatically syncs to Evernote) -- for conversion from handwriting-to-text Nebo is unmatched. Since no further development is being done to Penultimate, I would welcome MyScript being integrated into Evernote.
  3. Thanks @DTLow. I just recently learned of Evertool on this board. Not available on iOS devices yet. I don't know why, but other notetaking apps, which save their PDFs to Evernote allow OCR search. I have not been able to do this with Note Shelf 2. They point me to Evernote to find out why. Where would I see this answer?
  4. I agree with Tinchohs. Fixing bugs in your software is table stakes. Enhancing your product is a sign of a going concern. That said, I don't expect we'll see Penultimate become revived and serve as a handwriting tool in the same league as competitors. While I'd love to see MarkDown supported, I've found two alternatives: Drafts 5, for Mac (beta) and iOS allows creating MarkDown text, and through an "action" forward that in nice format into Evernote. Note Shelf 2 is a handwriting/PDF markup tool that is unique in that it does sync-to-Evernote upon save of the NS2 notebook. It appear
  5. I have the new iPad Pro with Apple Pencil Gen 2. I’m keen to create handwritten notes. There are two things that are important to me:

    1) Transcribing my chickenscratches into text

    2) Integrating those notes into Evernote for viewing and archiving

    DTLow, based on these latest hardware technologies and what’s available on the market, what do you think amongst: Nebo, Notability, GoodNotes, Penultimate, and — dare I say it — OneNote?

    Thanks, appreciate your insights.


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    2. DTLow


      Transcription in Notability is public

      A  point for Notability is audio recordings.  The plaback is sync'd with the notes.

      I haven't done a detailed comparison of the products.

    3. billpetro


      Right, the audio is not necessary for me. I’m evaluating:

      • Notability — I like the writing experience , but notes saved via PDF into EN don’t seem to support OCR search
      • GoodNotes - better shape integration, EN search of uploaded PDFs work  
      • Note Shelf 2 - notes saved to EN are visible, not hidden in PDFs!
      • Nebo - fabulous transcription and editing.  Notes saved to EN are visible in the Note Preview pane , but not on right side.
      • Penultimate - nice EN integration, but “meh” as a tool. 
    4. DTLow


      You might want to post in the public forum to get more feedback

  6. I would be content to sort on the order selected (CMD+click) rather than the order displayed. This doesn't work yet, but would be an improvement.
  7. DTLow, If I understand you, what you're suggesting is that I: Reverse the sort order to: By Date Updated > Least Recent to Most Recent Scroll to the bottom of all my Notes Do the Merge Restore the sort order to: By Date Updated > Most Recent to Least Recent Am I the first person to request a simper methodology for Merge?
  8. I often use Skitch to do screen captures of slides presented during a webinar. At the end, I'll select all these notes and "merge" them into a single note, but they are now presented in reverse-chronological order. I'd like to flip that and have the first slide I capture be at the top, and the last slide be at the bottom -- so if follows the logical and chronological order of the presentation... rather than the order they appear in Evernote. How can that be done, without going back and touching/editing each (of dozens) of the slides?
  9. Gazumped, thanks -- I'd like to stick with Skitch/Evernote Jbenson2 -- well, of course I ask. And they say yes, but they don't send it. I like taking the proactive approach. Perhaps this is a product enhancement request?
  10. Thanks jbenson2. This is logical and makes sense. Some of the presentations have 50 slides in them. That's a lot of individual tagging :-(
  11. Is it possible to merge notes in reverse order: oldest at the top, most recent at the bottom? My workflow: 1. Capture slides from a webinar in Skitch 2. In Skitch change notebook -> Work 3. Merge webinar notes together However, no matter how I select them, they're merged in the order top down most recent to least recent. I'd like to have them arranged chronologically: earliest slide at top, most recent at bottom. Possible? Thanks.
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