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  1. hey guys, can anyone help with the quoted part?
  2. Everytime I press the 'z' button in Chrome Evernote launches. (actually it didnt when I just typed the z... not sure how that happened. But when I goto another tab and type it then it does launch). Sorry its not that the full evernote is launching. I'm getting a screen which has a green Save button at the top and then Clip with Article, Full Page, etc given below it. What's that screen called? Anyway so this keeps popping up. How do I get rid of it? I thought it was hotkey related but its not. At least I dont see anything tied to 'z' in the hotkey section. I havent used Evernote in a while but I notice some changes, which I dont care for. I'm probably just not understanding it properly. So I'm hoping someone can clarify. It used to be that if I see something in a forum I want to make note of I clip it, then a screen opens and I get to tag it how I life. Now all that happens when I choose 'save selection' is that it gets clipped, with no option for tagging. An evernote screen pops up saying that its clipped to my notebook, with the title of my note, and has a few sharing buttons underneath it (facebook, linkedin, etc). What I want is to see the note automatically, and for different tagging options given to me, ideally without my having to remember which tags I've used in the past (ie ideal would be if it was multiple choice). Has that option gone?
  3. Is there some way of saying which post goes at the top and which goes at the bottom? I merged two documents, one was a blog posting, and one was a comment on it. I obviously wanted the comment to go at the bottom, but instead it was at the top.
  4. I'm using the web clipper, not the downloaded Evernote application. I often clip multiple items on the same topic, and I'd like to clip them to the same note. At the moment they all appear in different notes. Is there some convenient way to combine them all? When I press Clip I'd like it to give me the option of adding it to an existing note. Btw I sent in a support ticket I think 10 days ago and still havent gotten a response. I sent in another one but that was more recent. Is evernote that bad with support or was I supposed to login somewhere to see their response? I dont have premium.
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