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  1. I need this too. My Microsoft Surface Go is perfect for Evernote. Evernote 10 runs well on it (and I much prefer it to the old version and the web version), but the 128GB SSD is running out of space and is not replaceable with a larger one. It has an SDXC card slot and I used to have the old Evernote database installed. I am about to reset Windows and reinstall only essential programs, but this will only buy me a little time!
  2. I agree too. The Windows version is is a bit laggy on my laptop but it's so much cleaner and appears to be speeding up. Oddly on my underpowered Microsoft Surface Go it performs well. I have a lot of notes (38,956) but relatively simple notebook and tagging systems. There are a few things I miss or have not found yet - not having note tallies ironically, keyboard shortcuts for items in the insert menu - but overall I'm enjoying using evernote whereas in the past it has been a necessary pain due to regular freezes in Windows that new versions of the app never resolved. The look and fe
  3. Hi there, my last Windows PC has blown up and now we only have Chromebooks and smartphones. This means I'm entirely dependent on Evernote Web and Apps. I have a huge database, and no local copy. This is obviously somewhat unsafe. It would be nice to have a local copy of the database so I could in a disaster situation recover it. Three obvious solutions spring to mind: 1. Buy a Windows PC or a Mac solely for Evernote (not a great prospect as I really can't be bothered with those systems!) 2. Is it possible to download a database without a local client just for backup purposes (I would
  4. Thanks gazumped. Those scenarious would solve the problem but inconvenience me in other ways! But I appreciate you taking the time to think about it. Thanks for the link jefito. I see now, the problem is that all my images are the same size so it's either picking randomly or using some other rule (not sure why I get no image in snippets in the Web version though). I could resize the other images to make sure my preferred image is the one that appears as the thumbnail, but that too is a faff. I think I'll just live with it as it is. From the other topic I see it's been suggested before that u
  5. One of the ways I use Evernote is to store photographs (JPEGs) with notes on how I've processed them and a copies of the picture as processed by the camera (JPEG) and the original file (RAW format) . So, typically there will be three images in the post, interspersed with text: Edited JPEG Camera JPEG RAW file (this is not displayed in the note, as you need specialist software to interpret RAW files, so it is just a file attachment) I like to have the edited photo first, so you can see it straight away and then scroll down to see my notes. I also share some of these notes in a shared notebook w
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