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  1. Hi there, my last Windows PC has blown up and now we only have Chromebooks and smartphones. This means I'm entirely dependent on Evernote Web and Apps. I have a huge database, and no local copy. This is obviously somewhat unsafe. It would be nice to have a local copy of the database so I could in a disaster situation recover it. Three obvious solutions spring to mind: 1. Buy a Windows PC or a Mac solely for Evernote (not a great prospect as I really can't be bothered with those systems!) 2. Is it possible to download a database without a local client just for backup purposes (I would worry about what to restore it on when the time comes!) 3. I believe it's possible to sync your database directly from cloud to cloud service i.e. Google/Dropbox. Has anybody done this reliably?
  2. Actually, I don't know but the cursor keeps changing from a pointer to the busy blue circle (every few seconds and only for a second or so) i.e. constant interruption.
  3. Thanks for you reply. Waiting before starting Evernote does help, but only until I lock the screen or the computer goes to sleep. Then, after I unlock the screen, the problem is there (unless I close down Evernote and start it again).
  4. Hi there, just submitted a ticket to Evernote, and wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same post Windows 10 update and has discovered a better workaround. Here's the issue: Since I upgraded to Windows 10 I've noticed a catastrophic degredation in performance in Windows when Evernote starts up simultaneously with the computer or if Evernote is running when I lock the screen (or the laptop goes into sleep mode) and I subsequently unlock/wake it up. In these circumstances the computer loses focus and jumps out of the activity I'm doing momentarily every few seconds, making it almost impossible to type (keystrokes are missed) or select things from menus (the focus leaves the menu before I can select the item). This loss of focus is evident in all Windows activities, not just Evernote, but only if Evernote is running. The only solution I have discovered so far is to close Evernote and open it again. This is not a good solution because I have a large database, which I assume is the reason Evernote takes a long time to start up.
  5. I used a quote from a poem by Ben Okri, found a picture of it inscribed in a stone wall on the 'net: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s1/sh/57a80351-722b-4b73-89d4-33be03c99209/38d2eb70d341f3af4c2bd47bbd24a8c5 You can probably make out what it says: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s1/sh/c2e6f7f0-a5ef-43db-a44b-0f4563ec315c/745d7df3dc729f6f2335f06863dd97bf "Our future is greater than our past" Seemed appropriate for the task at hand (dividing the future and past) and of course the future will be better than the past in one small evernote way if the company takes the implementation of a 'due date' field off the back-burner :-)
  6. Just a quick note to say I'm using jbenson2's hack, so thanks for that. Updating the create date every day is not onerous but not ideal. The due date idea sounds like a good one, so it's disappointing it's not happening. I'd rather not use the create date for something it patently isn't i.e. a due date.
  7. Well that's an entertaining option! An automated one would be better, but thanks for the suggestion - I will adopt it unless someone has a way of doing it without the necessity of manually changing the date of the note.
  8. Hi there, I have notes in the future: appointments, articles I'm writing with the create date set to be the deadline. Often I'm scrolling through Evernote's snippet view looking for notes made today, or notes, appointments or deadlines, in the near future. It would be really handy if future notes in snippet view were distinguished from past ones, say by a thick line or bar. Or maybe if future snippets were a slightly different colour. In ancient versions of Evernote I recall a timeline, and I think I'm right in saying you could click on a button and go to 'today' - I think it was probably trying to achieve the same thing. So this is a feature request, but also if anybody has any neat tricks to navigate by date and achieve something similar in the current interface I'd love to hear!
  9. Just thought I'd add I do math in Word 2007's equation editor and then copy and paste it into evernote. It's works great - even many pages at a time. Text comes out as text and equations are inserted as .png image files in the right places. I can then send it from evernote via Gmail etc.
  10. Owyn. I'm afraid to say this for fear of jinxing it, but Evernote is a completely different experience today. I did your debug suggestion yesterday evening. It took hours. After about two, I gave up and went to bed, but left the computer on overnight optimising the database. Today the prolonged freezes are gone. All that remains are occasional stutters, possibly at the same frequency as the freezes but lasting less than a second instead of half a minute. This I can live with. It's like the application can't quite keep up with my typing so every paragraph or two it pauses momentarily to take a breather and then four or five letters come in a hurry, all at once. If I didn't look at the screen, I wouldn't know it was happening. Before, I was spending a third of my time staring at a frozen screen, or a blue swirly icon and the infuriating 'not responding' in the title bar. Those things *appear* to be in the past. And I'm running Chrome simultaneously :-) Thank you very much.
  11. Hi Owyn, thanks for the suggestion. I'm kind of assuming there is a bug, since that's what the Evernote support people say, and whatever I do to my own setup will have little or no affect (certainly closing down other applications and shutting of sync have minimal impact). I am in the process of optimising the database as you suggested though - just in case, so I'll let you know... I don't have process installer. In fact I have no idea what it is. What do you have in mind?
  12. Thanks for your help. I have been using it today with automatic syncing switched off, and it's still not repsponding - far too frequently to be usable as an editor. I have ads turned off. Since I've just resynced my entire database wouldn't it be optimised already?
  13. Thanks Owyn, Unfortunately I already have 2GB of RAM and I don't have watched folders. As a result of your and Burgers' comments I have switched off synching just to make sure it's not synching more than I thought and most of the problems relate to that. I noticed that when I installed the pre-release version it had switched to every half hour.
  14. Just to be clear, this is not related to synching (well it might be a bit worse during synching) but frequently Evernote hangs when it's not synching for say 20 secs, then it's OK for a minute, then it hangs for 20 secs again. Sometimes I can use it for three or four minutes before it hangs but that's about the best I get out of it.
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