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  1. I don't have answers for all of your issues, but: You can navigate between individual PDF pages by clicking on the PDF and using the left/right arrow keys You can go to a specific page by clicking on the page number in the header and entering the desired page
  2. Hi folks - I'm filling in with this post while Chantal is away this week. We're excited to announce Windows 6.8 Beta 3. You can install it here or by checking for updates. This update improves the rendering of our note, and in particular the behaviors around printing, and PDF preview. It also makes the note pan-able if you have a touch screen. Since this required quite a bit of under-the-hood work, not everything is working quite right yet - you'll notice find and replace isn't hooked up, and some edge cases around drag & drop of files in and out of a note may not work. We've a
  3. Yes, see the release notes above about "find and replace" for this beta. We're working on implementing it, but it didn't make it in time for this one.
  4. Thanks for reporting this. We do use hardware acceleration (in case it's not obvious, we use an embedded instance of Chrome in our note editor). We can investigate potentially supporting a registry option to disable acceleration.
  5. Yes, we're aware of that bug. We'll try to address it for the next beta, thanks for mentioning it.
  6. Just to follow up, we're scheduling this for our 6.5 release. Thanks again for your patience.
  7. We fixed this in 6.3 (at least according to our release notes), but it sounds like it regressed very recently. Will follow up with our PM today, thanks for your patience.
  8. Yes, uncheck "Show descriptive links" in Options > Note > Note editing options.
  9. Can you provide details? Keep in mind that we only search against the title of your Google Drive document at the moment, not its contents. If a Google Drive document title matches your search, the matching words are highlighted in the rich link thumbnail.
  10. OK, can you please enter a support request and we'll work on getting this sorted out? Please use this link: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  11. This is definitely not normal or expected behavior. Is this happening with all notes? Try pressing Ctrl+Space while in the note to simplify its formatting.
  12. Looking at our code, it looks like the current intention is that pressing ESC will revert any changes that you make to the title. However, that doesn't seem to be working correctly. I suspect that the behavior was changed from Save because ESC more typically means Stop/Undo/etc. than Save.
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