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  1. I agree with Yoxel! I have tried InQloud and it has made my workflow so much more efficient and smooth! I am simply loving this service! Earlier I tried ifttt and zapier and what not! And to be honest, nothing ever worked fine! Something or the other didn't seem function properly. Until I read in one of the posts in Evernote forum about InQloud. If you are looking to have your incoming emails reach a particular notebook and you even want them tagged automatically - attachments and all - then - you need not look any further! You have my word! It's the perfect solution! And I am soooo relieved after having come across this service! And the best part is that it works flawlessly! Mails go in the notebooks they are supposed to go with that Tags that I mention. It is sooo amazing that I am planning on buying it's annual subscription once my 30 day trial period is over! I am never looking back again! Thanks InQloud! Honestly speaking, I can't recommend this enough! You just have to try this out!
  2. Yeah but sadly, all it ever contains in the body of the newly created note is plain text from your email body.... It also does not include the full text of long messages. I like the concept, but in practice it has significant limitations. Very true....Ifttt's functionality does deliver what I was trying to implement but their "plain-text only-no-formatting" idea screwed it all up. So I decided to give another similar service called "Zapier" a try, in order to implement this automated tagging process... It's plus point was that it allows attachments from the e-mail to be included in your newly created note in Evernote. Something which couldn't be done in Ifttt. But in the end, turns out, both of them are no good because for me, no formatting = absolutely no use!
  3. Yeah but sadly, all it ever contains in the body of the newly created note is plain text from your email body....
  4. Hey! Currently, I am having a somewhat similar issue with the Evernote support. I submitted a ticket yesterday because my account needs re-indexing since EN Web shows wrong note count as opposed to my windows client. This issue has been recurring since the last 2 months or so. I submitted a ticket once before as well - say a month back - but got no notification/ email back then. I attached the activity log to the ticket and sent it to the support team as they had asked of the same from me on chat . Anyways, here is my Ticket #: 16051-67156 which a chat representative gave me yesterday. I would really appreciate if you could look into the matter. Looking forward to receiving some help from this forum. Thanks guys
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