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  1. +1 for this Just the msg. i waited for. Thank You :-) AND thanks for a fantastic product. WIshlist: 1) Recurring reminders 2) Ability to create one note, with several tasks and several reminders.. /Torben
  2. I'll second that but is it just me or do the alarms not make any sound on iOS? I set an alarm but I hear nothing and only when I switch the iPhone on does the 'alarm' show up either in the lock screen or in the app. yeah, no sound for me either...
  3. I think what you are looking for is this service called Inqloud! It meets my needs of forwarding emails from gmail to particular evernote notebooks, along with the tags.... I have been using it for months now and havn't had the need to look anywhere else again (IFTTT/Zapier/Blah Blah Blah)! It is simply flawless
  4. Totally Agree with you on this one! So I have observed, like others have stated in this forum - 2 prominent issues about tags so far - 1). The tag list indeed vanishes on clicking a saved search! But not on clicking every saved searches. Clicking on one saved search makes the tag list dissapear for me, while if I click on another, the tag list is still around. And, 2). Like spg SCOTT said @ williams_s - View your notebooks = show your tag list View a joined notebook = show tags in that notebook (if there aren't any, then it shows none - this may be what you are seeing) According to me, both these behaviours are simply more confusing and quite bizzare! Why the need to complicate things? We have Evernote so that we can remember everything! But this missing functionality <which right now, if not missing, then is random, at best> makes that job more difficult, instead of making things easier. Just my thoughts...
  5. I switched to another account and I found, when I came back to using the one where I was doing the tweaking of the column width - the tags are missing again!!! Please fix this soon guys!
  6. Yes, indeed, the tags are missing, and apparently, so is my lifeline At first, they were nowhere to be seen, but then I adjusted the column width, and poof! they were back there! Tweaked it a little again, and the tags are still there! I am just hoping they don't disappear into thin air again!
  7. Hmmmm.... I think I like the old divider lines better. If the team is going to tighten up the sidebar and get rid of the spaces entirely, then that is another matter, but if I could choose among the four options (spaces gone, spaces there, ever111's idea, or the old separators), then I'd go with the old lines. Me tooo!!!
  8. Yeah, atleast bold them, if you don't plan to bring back the divider lines. The latter I still feel, would look way better... Also, another thing I would like to see corrected is the placement of "Trash". I would love for it to be arranged right under the notebooks, as we have it on EN Web. That ways, its always more accessible! Having to Scroll down through all the tags (which, mind you, are now all gone, after this release) to get to trash, at times, is simply put - painful! Either ways, thanks for the prompt replies, and all the feedback being shared here!
  9. +1 for what you suggested! The idea appeals to me as well!
  10. This is big stuff. Good job with the update. So far so good. The interface is looking great, and I am glad to see how well everything fits in there. One problem, though. The "properties" for the "joined notebooks" tell me that these are "linked notebooks." I think the terminology is confusing. I don't mind either way, but it would be good to unify everything. Also, it looks like All Notes includes the joined notebooks. That's OK, because I can filter things on my own, but don't you think it is confusing that All Notes searches for everything including the joined notebooks, but All My Notes only searches your own stuff, even though the joined notebook stuff looks like it is underneath All My Notes? I liked the lines myself. Now there is just empty space. But, it's no big deal. Either way is fine by me. [EDIT:] It looks like Jefito and I had the exact same reaction. I'd say these lines are obviously helping people, so all things being equal, I'd recommend adding them back into it. By the way, I like how you now have a message in the favorites bar telling users that they can drag stuff into it (that wasn't there before, right?). One bug that I cannot reproduce. At some point, after I did a few searches in my notes (I don't know if this has any connection at all), my Notebooks dropdown list changed its name from Notebooks to "4294967294". I have no idea why, and when I pressed on the arrow for the dropdown, it reverted to Notebooks. [EDIT:] Just to clarify, I have no notebook with this name. Yes, I agree! Please bring back the lines - it made everything look so much more defined!
  11. I miss the divider lines in the left pane too! It made everything looked neater and more organized. Just my thoughts. Besides, the download was indeed, slower this time! No other programs were running on my system, so that has gotten me wondering!! But of all I mentioned, the most bizzare thing is that Tags are missing! & I can see it's not just me! Please fix this asap! Looks so empty already w/o the lines in the left pane, and now no tags - It pains to look towards the left pane!
  12. I agree with Yoxel! I have tried InQloud and it has made my workflow so much more efficient and smooth! I am simply loving this service! Earlier I tried ifttt and zapier and what not! And to be honest, nothing ever worked fine! Something or the other didn't seem function properly. Until I read in one of the posts in Evernote forum about InQloud. If you are looking to have your incoming emails reach a particular notebook and you even want them tagged automatically - attachments and all - then - you need not look any further! You have my word! It's the perfect solution! And I am soooo relieved after having come across this service! And the best part is that it works flawlessly! Mails go in the notebooks they are supposed to go with that Tags that I mention. It is sooo amazing that I am planning on buying it's annual subscription once my 30 day trial period is over! I am never looking back again! Thanks InQloud! Honestly speaking, I can't recommend this enough! You just have to try this out!
  13. Yeah but sadly, all it ever contains in the body of the newly created note is plain text from your email body.... It also does not include the full text of long messages. I like the concept, but in practice it has significant limitations. Very true....Ifttt's functionality does deliver what I was trying to implement but their "plain-text only-no-formatting" idea screwed it all up. So I decided to give another similar service called "Zapier" a try, in order to implement this automated tagging process... It's plus point was that it allows attachments from the e-mail to be included in your newly created note in Evernote. Something which couldn't be done in Ifttt. But in the end, turns out, both of them are no good because for me, no formatting = absolutely no use!
  14. Yeah but sadly, all it ever contains in the body of the newly created note is plain text from your email body....
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