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  1. Most of us as at 13 Jan are on an earlier version and Evernote can't work out how to move older users with lots of notes beyond 5.33. It's a joke
  2. Just tested it on the latest iOS version. Download is still a joke. Just kicked off a notebook with 252 notes in it - the enex export is about 30 MB. Copying that on a 100 MB/sec FTTC connection should take a few seconds. Still waiting 5 minutes later, and it looks like it will probably take at least 50 minutes.
  3. Reproduce: 1. edit note 2. File/Quit Evernote The app quits without synchronising. Edits stay on the local machine only. Possible fixes: ask user if synchronisation should occur before quitting (should be easy as there should be a dirty flag to show an edit has occurred); or allow manual sync.
  4. Although Evernote looks like it downloading offline notes, it doesn't do it completely. I have tested with 3 notebooks. After the download VERY SLOWLY completes, and going into airplane mode, many notes don't open. The only notes that do open appear to be notes I have previously opened on that phone. In other words, my testing shows that offline mode is not true offline mode.
  5. Wrong forum mate. This is for Evernote legacy and you were obviously on the new one.
  6. Does the notebook name create an illegal filename? You should also wrap the main functionality inside a try-catch block.
  7. After Evernote removed this, it is still missing as at today's date. What is going on? You don't improve things by making them worse.
  8. I have 8 or so tags that start with "Tax20..." such as Tax2017-18, Tax2019-20 etc. In iOS I start to search on Tax and it auto-offers suggestions including SOME of my tags that start with Tax. It will never auto-offer Tax2019-20 until I literally type Tax2019. It seems to hate that particular year. I expect the auto-suggestions to offer all tag matches once I have typed 3 characters. Is that an incorrect expectation?
  9. I want to send a copy of a note by email from iOS. - go into Share note - click "Send, export and more" - No ability do anything except send a link... No export, and no "more". Not even "Send"
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