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  1. Hey birdhead10, I had blurriness problem with pdfs in evernote too. The files were fine in other readers/editors so, the issue was tied to evernote and not just the files themselves. I have also stopped using evernote since then, since the majority of my files are in pdf. I waited about a year(the length of my subscription) to get a resolution, I received no update. I will not suggest keeping your hopes up.
  2. Hi Emerick. Yes, the blurriness stay even with 100% zoom. I have tried changing resolution and zoom level, but the blurriness is still there. Thanks!
  3. I realized sometime ago that the kind of blurriness seen in annotation window for pdf is similar to the blurriness seen in installation windows of some softwares, specifically pre-Win 8. This could indicate some display scaling issue inherent in win 10, but I am not sure. I do really hope Evernote will resolve the blurriness, whatever the cause. Fingers crossed. In the mean time I have switched to OneNote for note taking and keeping Evernote for categorizing things.
  4. Thanks. The problem is more apparent on my surface pro 3. The blurriness becomes evident. This causes reading and annotating cumbersome that is why I posted about it. Thanks for your help anyways. I agree with you that there is some issue with rendering pdf in the annotation window. It is not good. I might have to try One Note instead. Oh well. Have a good day.
  5. Hi, thanks for the reply. I don't think I was clear enough. My apologies for that. What I am pointing to is the text of the pdf that looks blurry during annotation. This is not the text u write on the pdf during annotation. The text on pdf looks fine when looking at it inline in the note, or even if I open it up in a browser, like Edge. The text only becomes blurry in the annotation window. I will show the examples here: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B5M-zYUEBBj9MkRMeDhub3dJVEE&usp=sharing BDW, I am talking about the black text that is originally on the pdf looking blurry in annotation window. You are right that the quality of the pdf file itself would have an effect on how the text looks when opened. But, the pictures I include show the same pdf page in note window, in edge browser and the annotation window. I hope the difference is clear.
  6. Thanks Dave. But, I am not talking about the text you put in through evernote, but the text of the pdf itself. I think it is best shown on the calendar section of your image. The text there looks blurry, compared to the text you can put on top of it; yes, that font(of the text you can put in) and emboss/shadow thing is annoying.
  7. I did finally get a response. I was in a hurry, because I only have Evenote installed for all note taking activities. So, not being able to use a feature I use regularly is disruptive to my routine. I should mention this was my first use of annotation of a pdf in Evernote. I am using Windows 10. I am annotating in the desktop version, not Skitch. I have already reinstalled Evernote without seeing any difference. Image files are not blurry during annotation only pdf files are (big or small). I thought it might be due to a slow storage, but installing in ssd did not result in any improvement. I can only guess there is some compatibility issue with the annotation window and dpi scaling due to the annotation window being slow with pdf files. In Evernote window, in Options under the Note tab, the font option is small and the font label is only half visible. I think this shows dpi scaling problem, but the text is not blurry anywhere else (in note). I think(guessing) the annotation window treats a pdf file like an album and treats each page as an image since you cannot edit the text in pdf. This changing of a pdf file into picture format (if it is that) could be the reason the annotation window makes the text blurry. But at this time, this is only my guess, since I do not know if other users have had this problem. Not to mention the support person could not recreate the problem on his/her end. I have attached a link that shows the issue. I hope someone can help. I fear this could be a problem only on my end. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B5M-zYUEBBj9U3FhQXN1SGZFNWM&usp=sharing Cheers!
  8. Hi, I have been having trouble annotating pdf in evernote desktop. I can read the pdf text fine, but when I try to annotate it, the text becomes blurry. I have tried changing DPI scaling, disabling it. Nothing improved. I started this topic because I got no help after submitting a ticket a few days ago. Any suggestions?
  9. I can have pdf show inline or, as an unopened attachment in a note. I can open the note in a separate window and try to read the pdf inline without opening a new program to read it. The problem rises that while the text is the correct size in the new window of the note, the pdf is shown very large inline this means I can see only a third, or half of the pdf in full screen mode in the new window of the note. So, I cannot comfortably read it. Is there a way to resize the pdf while it is shown inline? If there is no such feature now can I expect a feature to be added for this? Plus, I think it would be easier if we could annotate the pdf while it is shown inline without having to open a new window for annotation every time.
  10. I have found blurry text problems in annotating pdfs. The font is fine in the note it is attached in, just that during annotation it looks blurry. Any one else with this issue? Any fix? (I have tried disabling display scaling DPI from properties. Did not fix with reboot) Cheers!
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