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  1. Yes, a very annoying issue. @aeldron your solutions works nicely. I had multiple scanned documents in the same note and I've done Cmd+A (Select All), Cmd+X (Cut) and Cmd+V (Paste) and I managed to make my notes usable again.
  2. Thanks Frank for the mention. Using IdeaPlaces you can add location based reminders to any geo-tagged Evernote note. You can also add location based reminders directly from Evernote by tagging any note with tags like: ideaArrival100yd/ideaArrival1mile ... or ideaDeparture100yd, ideaDeparture1mile and it works in the metric system too. We have a lot more features related to places so check it out. — Ciprian Rarau, Founder of IdeaPlaces Website: http://www.ideaplaces.com
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