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  1. In Evernote, find the two Penultimate notebooks that you want to merge their notes into one notebook. Move notes from one notebook to the other, one at a time. You can also tag them while you are working with them in Evernote. Once you empty a notebook created with notes from Penultimate, it disappears.
  2. Penultimate sync with Evernote keeps notes and notebooks created in Penultimate in both apps. Is there a reason you want your notes only in Penultimate and not synced to Evernote? In Penultimate Settings (the little gear icon in the upper left of Penultimate notebook screen), select the third option, pause sync to stop syncing your penultimate notes to your Evernote Account.
  3. The best way I’ve found to move penultimate notes from one notebook to another is through Evernote. You can also tag those notes while your in Evernote if you wish. i had too many notebooks from an old job and wanted to condense them. Using Evernote to move and tag them worked well and the old notebooks disappeared once they were empty.
  4. Think of Penultimate as an input source for Evernote like emailing in a note. Changes made in a Penultimate notes are synced back and forth, but you will not see notes that only exist in Evernote sync into Penultimate.
  5. If you want Evernote team to consider this feature, please up-vote this thread to rank it higher. Thank you
  6. If you want Evernote iOS team to consider this feature, please up-vote this thread to rank it higher. Thank you
  7. If you want Evernote iOS team to consider this feature, please up-vote this thread to rank it higher. Thank you
  8. I remember when I first found the real value of suggested note title.... I had an event on my device calendar and I took notes directly in Evernote during the event. I noticed it gave my note a relevant title given the connection to my calendar. It was contextual not just to Evernote, but my events in my calendar. At moment the light bulb went on and I realized the genius of this feature. It saved me the time of creating a note title. It furthered my connection to Evernote. Why take it away? Did it really take up that much overhead in app performance? Please consider bringing it back.
  9. I used presentation to share on my mobile directly with others. It helped influence my use of to capture more to tell a particular story later. Now I'm not sure how I will do that so easily from my iOS devices. Please bring it back.
  10. I agree. I liked the use of the map to see my notes. I was using it to capture experiences with photos directly into Evernote and the note captured the physical location on the map. Please bring it back.
  11. Just confirming that Premium users will still be able to access notes offline that have previously synced to their device previous to the outage and new notes created during the outage are local until the Evernote service comes back online and they then sync to the Evernote Cloud. Right?
  12. I have the same problem. I contacted Adonit and they ran me through various troubleshooting steps before doing a warranty exchange, but they offered the Pixel as an upgrade since I have purchased many stylus' from them. The only problem is that the Pixel is not supported in Penultimate. I have requested support for the Pixel in the forums, as have others. Having said all that, I would offer two solutions: 1) Use a different, preferred stylus and the zoom area for writing entry. Adjust the zoomed writing entry area so that it is just one line and use a scroll speed that matches your writing cadence. When you need to go to another line, simply use the Enter/Return icon. This method allows you to use any stylus while resting your hand in the lower non-touch screen area. It is not an exact replacement for the jot script with palm rejection, but a still a solution. I have used this and it is usable. 2) Use your favorite notebook/journal and favorite pen/pencil to take notes. Scan them with Evernote. They are still searchable and it is a reliable resource. I personally like the Evernote Moleskine edition journals and just a simple roller ball pen. The Evernote Moleskines have three months of Premium Evernote included and are made well. This is an even further solution from using Penultimate with a stylus that has palm rejection, but it still is a solution. They make the moleskines in multiple sizes, so I have a couple for various situations where handwritten note taking is needed. I have used this in conjunction with Penultimate for handwritten notes and it will always be a part of my workflow. Different strokes for different folks. (pardon the pun, but I couldn't resist) 3) Omnizen also posted success using the Pixel with GoodNotes. I will probably end up trying that at some point too. I hope this helps until Penultimate is developed with support for other stylus' with palm rejection. Cheers
  13. Yes, please add Adonit Pixel stylus support for Penultimate. I have used 2 Evernote edition Jot Scripts and they have both stopped working properly, so I'm upgrading to the Adonit Pixel. A modern Stylus with palm rejection technology is important in Penultimate. Thank you
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