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  1. Ideaplaces only works for Apple products. I have emailed them several times over the past year asking if they will be expanding to the Android market and they have not responded at all. I have Windows and Android and there is no third party app that works, I have spent hours searching. If you know of one I would love to try it.
  2. This is what I sent to Evernote to try to explain how vital the Atlas Feature is to those of us who use it. I was told that it would be taken to the developers and they would let me know if they had any questions, but of course I did not hear anything back. I am hoping that it did get passed on, but in hopes of it being seen by more eyes I am posting it here: For the sake of clarity I am going to use the word "Atlas" to refer to the ability to view a map with all your notes locations marked and the ability to see your current location. Thus giving the ability to see what notes are ar
  3. I built my database with the sole purpose of the Atlas feature. It is vital for my job to know where my notes are in relation to where I am currently. It is a feature that set Evernote apart and one that I know more people would use once they discovered the myriad of benefits. I have suffered professionally because of this loss of functionality. Please bring back evernote for android. Im not even asking asking for improvements just return it excactly as it was!
  4. Please bring it back. It is vital to my work! I have to be able to see the notes on a map in relation to where I am, not just see each location individually through the note. This is a deal breaker
  5. This is vital for how I use Evernote for work. If it is not brought back, my colleagues and I will have to cancel our subscriptions and find another service. Preferably one that does not just remove features of a paid service with no explanation.
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