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  1. Thanks Frank for the mention. Using IdeaPlaces you can add location based reminders to any geo-tagged Evernote note. You can also add location based reminders directly from Evernote by tagging any note with tags like: ideaArrival100yd/ideaArrival1mile ... or ideaDeparture100yd, ideaDeparture1mile and it works in the metric system too. We have a lot more features related to places so check it out. — Ciprian Rarau, Founder of IdeaPlaces Website: http://www.ideaplaces.com Ciprian, this looks very much like what I am looking for. However, for android, not iOs. Anything in the pipeline on your side?
  2. I downloaded it, and entered the first notification successfully. It basically lets you select the specific note for which you want to set a location based reminder, and then comes up with something that looks like it's probably Google Maps, to allow you to select a location. Then you have to enter a couple of other parameter (e.g. within which radius of the location you would like to receive an altert, etc.). The let-down, of course, is that for any additional notifications beyond the first one, you need to upgrade. It's not terribly expensive for a once off payment, so I decided to give it a try, and will report back. However, while I do see myself using this for now (if it works as promised) as a workaround, it offers by no means a seamless integration, and is yet another separate step in another app, that one needs to take to try and stay organised. The true solution will be for feature to be integrated into Evernote itself... Holding thumbs!
  3. Yes, iOS only.... I'd be very happy with a 3rd party option for now, but havent come across anything for Android... Any suggestions are welcome.
  4. The one feature missing from Evernote, it is location-based reminders. It's absence is the one thing that makes me feel let down by Evernote, which I have come to rely on as my outsourced brain. Please can you look into developing this option for Android? Thank you!
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