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  1. New update, map still too little . Clicking is improved so we don't need to try 10 times anymore before we can hit the small green arrow Presentation mode works full screen, so the people at Evernote realize that bigger is better. I just still don't understand why they keep up working with a map the size of a thumbnail. Especially not because it was fine in previous versions.
  2. When I was testing, the green arrow worked.... Sometimes.;( An other problem: when you open a note from the map and it appears to be the wrong one, then yoou have to reopen places because the map is closed after you close the note.
  3. Places is back, but just not practical. The map in the upper left corner is too small. I use the IPad most of the time while walking around on construction sites. Holding it with two hands and typing and zooming I do with my two thumbs. I never had problems using the IPad in that way until I had to zoom on the small map in the left corner where I cannot reach it with my right hand. Before the map was full screen and it was no problem at all to use it. The IPad with Evernote is a tool for me I use 'off-road' please don't take that possibility away. The average life of an IPad is 6 months the way I use it, don't bring it down to 3.
  4. The removal of the feature just costed me 650€ this week. Since we organize our service via places on the IPad I missed some spare parts on one of my trips. To correct it will cost me 250 km and at least 6 hours. How many years of free membership do I get to compensate this? The management of Evernote has to realize there product is essential to some businesses. At leased users should be informed about such an issue and the downgrading to the previous version should always be possible.
  5. I updatet and I regret it very much. Productivity has gone down. What was a great tool is now a gadget. Can anyone tell me how to downgrade EN?
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