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  1. Ah, darn, I was afraid of that. As @DTLow said, on Mac you can now have multiple Evernote tabs open - this is a function of the newer Mac operating system, not of the Evernote app itself. But the same doesn't hold true for Windows. You might want to post this in the Evernote Feature Request forum to allow people to vote for it - I know I will!
  2. SureNotifier is now SureFocus! We've just released a major new version - see this post for details:
  3. SureNotifier is now SureFocus! We've just released a big update to our app. This new version represents a new clarity of the product's capability and also where we're headed, so it made sense to change the product name. We've added some major new features, including Google Drive support, channel sharing - and a lower price! Here's a summary of what's new...Google Drive SupportIn addition to tracking and reporting on changed Evernote information, we now allow you to do the same for Google Drive documents. You can even monitor both Evernote notebooks/tags and Google Drive documents in the same channel. (What's a "channel"? It's our new name for a "Notification Group". A channel is a set of notebooks, tags, and/or folders that you're monitoring.)Not only have we added Google Drive support, but our vision for the product is to be the one place where you can easily work with all of your cloud information - so we plan over time to add support for other cloud services like OneDrive, Dropbox and Box.Shared ChannelsYou can now share a channel with colleagues, clients, etc. They will then have the same capabilities for that channel as you do (subject of course to their access permissions). They can also set their own notification preferences for that channel if they choose.Price ReductionWe're dropping the cost of the app from $3.95 USD/month to $2.99 USD/month!Free VersionFor those people who only use shared channels created by others, the app can be used at no cost. The paid version is needed if you want to create your own channels.New name: SureFocusWe think that the app does more than just notify - by consolidating your cloud information, it allows you to focus on what's important. Therefore we've renamed the product to SureFocus.
  4. Ah, very cool, @Austin G, thanks - I missed that!
  5. As @DTLow says, the iOS Evernote app supports emailing a note where the email body contains the content of the note and there is no link; but unfortunately the Android client, which @John4224 mentions, does not currently have this functionality. You could do it via the Evernote web app, but I doubt you'd find having to switch from the Android app over to the web app to email your note to be a very satisfactory solution.
  6. @Tim Kowal What operating system are you working on, Windows or Mac?
  7. Hi Rafa, I know we corresponded a bit via email but I wanted to reply to your questions here for the benefit of all. SureNotifier (or actually SureFocus as it's now named; I'm about to post about that separately) gives you infinitely more flexibility to see changed items than the built-in Evernote daily digest of activity. First, the daily digest does not show you ALL notes that have changed that day; it only selects a portion of them that it thinks may be important to you. Second, SureFocus allows you to create multiple channels - think of a channel as a project or topic - and to assign notebooks and/or tags to each channel. Then your changed notes will be grouped and sorted by channel in your daily email, making it a more organized presentation than just a single list. Third, in SureFocus you can define not just a daily email but can go way beyond that. For example, you can: set up emails to receive weekly, daily, hourly, or every 5 minutes choose to get an email only when there are changed notes to report on configure your emails on a per-channel basis And aside from all of the above, you can also choose to be notified by push notification to your mobile device - and all of the above-described flexibility applies to receiving push notifications as well. Lastly, we've just released a new version that adds Google Drive support - so in addition to all of the above capabilities for Evernote, you now have the same features for changed Google Drive documents! Currently it does not notify of deleted notes (or as you say, really "notes moved to the trash"). However, this is on our list of features to consider going forward.
  8. @Pdhussey In addition to @DTLow's suggestion which is a good one - have you tried Chat support (button at the bottom of the Support page)?
  9. Evernote developer support is not done in this forum; please use StackOverflow with a tag of "Evernote" for developer questions and issues.
  10. Bring Atlas back!

    The 1% figure came from Evernote's explanation of why they removed Atlas:
  11. Hi @JMichaelTX, no sorry, it's built on Windows technology so will be Windows-only.
  12. Hi all, I've just posted an update to ContactExporter. The latest version exports the Notes field of a contact card note, along with the other new fields added since the initial release. The fields exported now look like this: You can download the latest version 0.7.2 of ContactExporter from here. Existing users can update from within the app when you run it.
  13. Fatal error

    As an Evernote Business customer you should be able to do Live Chat for support as well.
  14. @Damon_M I see you've posted on StackOverflow which is the appropriate place so let's pick up the discussion there.
  15. Accessing an account via OAuth gives access to all of the notebooks in the account that was authenticated to.