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  1. @hb3 Hmmm, I'll check this out...
  2. I'd like to see if I can determine exactly where the error is occurring. When you say "tried to select a notebook": are you able to see a list of your notebooks, you can check one of them and then the error occurs after you check it and click "Next"; or do you never even see a list of your notebooks?
  3. Issue: clipNote API is timing out

    Hi David, This is a user-level forum; Evernote developer support is now done via StackOverflow. Before you go posting there, though, I thought I would ask a few "qualifying questions"... What is the clipNote JSON API; i.e. where did you get it from? It doesn't sound familiar to me; is it something you were given by Evernote, or something you wrote, or it came from a third party, or...?
  4. @Leo Gong Oh OK, so the "dashboard" is the home page view for a Space on the web client?
  5. 1) Got it, no problem. 2) I think it's quite important as it makes it easy to move multiple notebooks into a Space, rather than having to right-click each one and move it individually. This will be especially valuable as part of the initial Spaces onboarding process that you'll be encouraging businesses to go through since in one step, they can use Import to easily move a bunch of existing notebooks into the Space. Also, just to confirm - is it correct that the "Dashboard" feature mentioned in the "Welcome to the business beta" email is something still to come in the near future?
  6. Issues: On my Mac client, "Move Notebook" works fine. On my Windows client, I don't have "Move Notebook" on the context menu. On both Windows and Mac clients, "Import Content..." is disabled; have not figured out a state that enables it.
  7. @Leo Gong Do you want Spaces-related bug reports here, or ....? Also: the email that gets sent to business members includes this: Dashboards – Customize your view to quickly find what's important. I haven't seen any indication of this feature - is it still to come or is it lurking someplace I haven't found yet?
  8. Wrike tasks from Evernote meeting notes

    I'd suggest taking a look at TaskClone. I think it will do what do you want - you can create a list of to-do items in an Evernote note and each of those will become a Wrike task. Wrike is listed in their list of supported task apps.
  9. @hb3 Is there any more information in the error message beyond that? (Can you provide the exact contents of the message you're seeing?)
  10. Ah, darn, I was afraid of that. As @DTLow said, on Mac you can now have multiple Evernote tabs open - this is a function of the newer Mac operating system, not of the Evernote app itself. But the same doesn't hold true for Windows. You might want to post this in the Evernote Feature Request forum to allow people to vote for it - I know I will!
  11. SureNotifier is now SureFocus! We've just released a major new version - see this post for details:
  12. SureNotifier is now SureFocus! We've just released a big update to our app. This new version represents a new clarity of the product's capability and also where we're headed, so it made sense to change the product name. We've added some major new features, including Google Drive support, channel sharing - and a lower price! Here's a summary of what's new...Google Drive SupportIn addition to tracking and reporting on changed Evernote information, we now allow you to do the same for Google Drive documents. You can even monitor both Evernote notebooks/tags and Google Drive documents in the same channel. (What's a "channel"? It's our new name for a "Notification Group". A channel is a set of notebooks, tags, and/or folders that you're monitoring.)Not only have we added Google Drive support, but our vision for the product is to be the one place where you can easily work with all of your cloud information - so we plan over time to add support for other cloud services like OneDrive, Dropbox and Box.Shared ChannelsYou can now share a channel with colleagues, clients, etc. They will then have the same capabilities for that channel as you do (subject of course to their access permissions). They can also set their own notification preferences for that channel if they choose.Price ReductionWe're dropping the cost of the app from $3.95 USD/month to $2.99 USD/month!Free VersionFor those people who only use shared channels created by others, the app can be used at no cost. The paid version is needed if you want to create your own channels.New name: SureFocusWe think that the app does more than just notify - by consolidating your cloud information, it allows you to focus on what's important. Therefore we've renamed the product to SureFocus.
  13. Allow easy sharing outside of platform

    Ah, very cool, @Austin G, thanks - I missed that!
  14. Allow easy sharing outside of platform

    As @DTLow says, the iOS Evernote app supports emailing a note where the email body contains the content of the note and there is no link; but unfortunately the Android client, which @John4224 mentions, does not currently have this functionality. You could do it via the Evernote web app, but I doubt you'd find having to switch from the Android app over to the web app to email your note to be a very satisfactory solution.
  15. @Tim Kowal What operating system are you working on, Windows or Mac?