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  1. @Lola Blue Mae No problem; if you have additional sharing questions, just ask! I'll also take this opportunity to put in a shameless plug for our SureNotifier product which allows you to get push and email notifications when shared notes change, should you find you have that need.
  2. No, I wouldn't say you're wrong as Evernote hasn't removed that setting and it does still run a sync at that interval. It's just that they layered another more "instant" sync process on top of that so as to be more responsive to changes across multiple devices/shared notes.
  3. More recent versions of Evernote have made it a better collaboration tool by improving the sync functionality. The client applications now sync note changes to the server within a few seconds, and similarly the server sends those changes to the clients who have access to that note. You still don't see real-time edits like you do in Google Docs, but it makes the 5-10-15 minute sync interval settings less significant. You can see this in operation on the desktop (Windows, Mac) clients if you have your Notes List in Snippet or Card view - when you change a note, it displays a little triangle in the upper right corner of the note in the Notes List to signify that there are changes to sync, and then the triangle disappears when those changes have been synched. You'll see the triangle stays for only a few seconds and then the sync occurs.
  4. Please post in StackOverflow and tag with "Evernote". Programming help is being done there now.
  5. Hahaha. @mcrogle What you're asking for can definitely be done with a custom application, and we could provide it for you. It's a little involved in that it requires setting up a server process which is constantly monitoring the account for new business notebooks, and when it finds one, it automatically adds it to all business user accounts. I actually already have that exact code from another custom solution we created for a client - the code itself is straightforward, it's just the setting up and maintenance of the server process that makes it a little more involved (we happen to use Microsoft Azure to run our server-side processes for our custom Evernote solutions). If you're interested (perhaps your clients would be wiling to pay for it ), PM me and I'm happy to talk further.
  6. FWIW, Evernote did provide an explanation for why they removed Atlas in a forum thread last year: From this thread:
  7. Evernote doesn't claim to store note contents in HTML. They use a variant they call ENML. You can see more details here.
  8. @tonywkim You can move between business/personal in the Windows client. Select the desired note or notes in the notes list, then right-click and choose Copy to Business... or Copy to Personal... from the context menu. Select the desired target notebook in the resulting dialog. If you want to move instead of copy, check the Delete original note checkbox at the bottom of the dialog.
  9. @ZFlo Sorry, I'm a Windows/mobile developer, not set up for Mac development.
  10. Sorry, my bad - I should have said "which Evernote client application", not "which platform". You may be on the Windows platform but you're using the Evernote Web client. As you've determined, there's no function for moving a note to/from personal/business in the Web client. Can you install and use the Evernote Windows client? That does allow you to do what you want. (The Web client is missing a lot of functionality that you pick up in the Windows client - the Web client is not designed to be a full-featured client like Windows or Mac.)
  11. @tonywkim Which platform are you referring to? Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, web?
  12. Hi all, There is no way to get the information on how many times a link is clicked from the Evernote service. It's not part of the API. Further, while I can't say with 100% certainty, I don't think Evernote records and tracks that data even internally. We did think about recording it in SureNotifier - i.e. recording when someone clicked a note link in a SureNotifier notification email or the notes list in the SureNotifier mobile app - but we rejected that idea because (a) in order to accomplish it we would have had to do the same thing @EdH is describing - we would have had to change the link from to and we felt users would be unnerved by seeing a link lead them to their Evernote notes; and related to that, (b) at a more fundamental level we felt it would be a violation of user privacy to essentially monitor their Evernote usage. SureNotifier provides the user with information on when one's shared notes change, but we feel it's then the user's private business what they do with those notes.
  13. As @DTLow says, there's nothing built into Evernote (or its Salesforce integration) to accomplish this. We've built a number of custom Evernote/Salesforce integrations; send me a Private Message if you want to discuss having us help you with it.
  14. @JoshP You might want to check out our SureNotifier service.