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  1. This has been discussed a fair bit to date, a search will find the copious commentary. But you'll need to do that with setting a folder, too, and imagine how easy that will be if you have a fair-sized hierarchy. A similar process you need to go through with a folder hierarchy. One method that seems to work with me is to have a temporary tag (I use '_Todo') that I tag most things with, along with other tags that seem to apply. Then, at some semi-regular interval, I process the '_Todo' items, and re-tag if necessary. BTW, untagged items are very easy to find (so should be no big deal), though mis-tagged items may not be. Some of the commentary else-forum talks about this. My favorite example of where folders tend to break down is to ask the question 'what folder do you put the red ball into'? Is it the Red folder or the Round folder? Since folders are an either-or storage structure, you need to choose one. With tags, you can choose both. Folder just don't handle this case for me particularly well, nor do they scale all that well, in my opinion. I understand that it depends on what information you're trying to organize -- some types do fit more naturally into hierarchies than others. Hmmmm, everything seems easy until you have to implement it across all clients that you support. Dave E has posted on this topic, I think. Easy to describe is not always easy to do. It's hard for us folks outside to tell what may or may not be easy for the Evernote insiders. I think that some folks have learned how to use tags and notebooks better in Evernote over time. Too many notebooks are hard to keep organized, because they're exposed in a flat system. I think that some folks have also moved away from elaborate tagging schemes. Keep things simple, and you can find things more easily. Well, sorta. Maybe. A search result is also a collection of items, but it would be a stretch to call it a folder. In Evernote, notebooks are the unit of storage where sharing occurs, and to some extent synchronization (think online vs offline notebooks). And they don't nest, whereas the term 'folder' commonly implies hierarchies in most computer systems, and hierarchies are something that Evernote has not really chosen to expose. Perhaps they are reserving the term 'folder' for later use, in the traditional way. But do some searching and reading here in the forums; some bright people have argued both for and against. However, for now and the forseeable futre (speaking as an outsider), it's notebooks and tags for Evernote organization, and that's all. ~Jeff
  2. Yes, you can make feature requests here; if your request is specific to a specific Evernote client, then please make it in that sub-forum. Yes, Evernote employees read all posts. They may not always reply, nor do they typically make promises that a particular feature will be implemented, or when, but they do read 'em all. ~Jeff
  3. Nope. I just tried it. Sent the whole article. Came through on the sync. ~Jeff
  4. You can use Google Reader to email operation to send the article to your EverNote email address. The desktop will pick it up from the web on your next sync. ~Jeff
  5. The Windows client? I just tried it and it worked fine. I am running the latest Windows beta (, though I'm pretty sure it's been working for some time. Just click somewhere in a note, and press Ctrl + ; and voila. Note that an Evernote client on a different platform might use a different shortcut. ~Jeff
  6. I believe that with the Windows client, the shortcut Ctrl + ; will insert the date and time. ~Jeff
  7. In other words, specify the Evernote client that you're using, and someone will probably tell you the shortcut key that does it. ~Jeff
  8. I notices that the screenshot for the Mac client looked a little more compressed than that of the Windows client. Nice. ~Jeff
  9. Fortunately, marketers don't typically program, and the engineers can keep coding along. ~Jeff
  10. Please follow the links in BurgersNFries' post (directly above yours) for more information. ~Jeff
  11. I'm pretty sure I saw the message: EVERNOTE: All your toolbar are belong to ME. ~Jeff
  12. I should have mentioned that 'tag:@*' found all of my '@'-prefixed tagged notes. ~Jeff
  13. In general, I use Chrome nowadays, and only use Firefox rarely -- it seems to bog down the machines I use it on, particularly my somewhat inderpowered home machine. The holy grail for me would be if I could get perfect bookmark syncing across Chrome and Firefox, but XMarks seems to want to replicate links (trees and all) sometimes, which is annoying to clean up. The Chrome Evernote extension is sweet, for sure. So, Chrome for now, but if Firefox 4 is better, then I'll switch back -- I can be fickle like that. ~Jeff
  14. Just wanted to share a link to a new How-to Geek article on using Evernote for Chrome that I just stumbled across: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/20833/beginner-geek-remember-everything-you-see-online-with-evernote-for-chrome/ Nothing too new, but nice to see some good press for the Evernote gang. Congratulations! ~Jeff
  15. I see this working in (88745) : it found my '@' prefixed tags no problem. I might have to change the '@'s to '_', but my brain balks at that, since '_' prefixed identifiers are reserved in C++ for the implementation (i.e. verboten for developers). ~Jeff
  16. Exactly as it should be. My work here is done. ~Jeff
  17. I envision the whirring & whining of the steam turbines... clouds of smoke belching from Evernote Central... the walls creak and groan under the new strains and stresses... the sounds of whips cracking, and heads knocking together... and finally, from atop the tall central tower, a deep booming voice, laden with Doom... "I am Dave, the Great and Powerful... hear me, and fear me!" ~Jeff
  18. According to your post of 1/13/2010 in this forum, you already seemed to realize that at least one desktop client operates in the way you want, whereas the Touch client does not. Despite the fact that you never got a reply from Evernote, it's not clear to me how that makes this a topic for general discussion about Evernote (whether question or suggestion). I wouldn't worry about not having gotten Evernote feedback, they do read them all, I'm sure; they just don't answer them all, and I'd doubt it's anything related to reasonableness or validity of your issue. I'm guessing that Evernote probably has something like that capability in mind for all clients, but they're not on the same timetable for rollout -- it all depends on the usual stuff: priorities and resources. ~Jeff
  19. I'm thinking that you don't want Evernote software associated with rats. It's ripe for photoshopping the image into a rat-like countenance, too. [+1 for the clever suggestion, though] ~Jeff
  20. If this is an iTouch-specific issue, then you should probably be posting in the correct forum: http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewforum.php?f=45. That being said, it will be read by Evernote staff regardless of where it's posted, but posting in the correct forum makes it easier for iTouch users to find, in case others want to comment. ~Jeff
  21. Sounds like someone's having a case of the Mondays. ~Jeff
  22. Naw, names aren't limiting; they're just names (see also Wm. Shakespeare, Gertrude Stein)... I had seen the unicorn meat issue too. Ridiculous. Up hereabouts in Maine, a few years back, there was a campaign to promote lobster as "the ultimate white meat'. Of course, the pork producers protested, and it became a federal case. *sigh* ~Jeff
  23. Can we agree not to call it Dumbo? ~Jeff (Good elephant, but unflattering name and probably registered trademark of Disney)
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